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    I like this new giveaway package as an alternative to my primary carry weapon. Different caliber but smaller for times when I need something easier to conceal.
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    I am in too! Nice "total package" for anyone!

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    Great giveaway as always.

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    As a point of interest, I just printed out the new CCW reciprocity map so that I do NOT spend ANY time or money in those states that do NOT allow reciprocity of CCW permits in their states.....
    It seems the only way to wake them up to reality.....
    Take money out of their pockets from tourism.....

  6. Finaly found a place to post.This forum is new to me. Hope I win, I never win anything!

  7. Excellent package. Like others, would certainly like to win it. USA Carry is a superb site.

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    Another fantastic giveaway from USA Carry....
    A big thanks to Lukem and all the sponsors who participate and just keep giving.

  9. I would love to win this package so it can be my backup pistol I have a Springfield xdm 40 full size as my carry pistol and it will always be my carry but it would be a great addition to my collection

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    Great Giveaway

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    Great weapon! I carry a Ruger LC9 with a Crimson Trace laser guard. Easily concealable and lightweight, with enough stopping power in a stack of eight 9mm rounds. My only complaint is that the trigger is very soft, with excessive travel before it breaks.

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