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  3. I reload 45 ACP and finding primers and bullets is a chore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renfield View Post
    Does anyone know of a reliable online source for practice/target ammunition? Local stores here in Orlando either can't keep handgun ammo in stock, or they try to gouge you for it.

    I'm currently looking for 9mm (115gr) FMJ.
    .45 ACP (230gr) FMJ would be a bonus, but I'm not out of that yet
    Lucky Gunner's been good to me in bulk. Here's some .45 ammo. I didn't check the 9mm. 45 ACP Ammo | Bulk .45 ACP Ammunition For Sale Cheap
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    Quote Originally Posted by checo316 View Post
    Does anybody have any idea when the ammunition shortage is going to end I was looking for 22 ammo the other day and for the same 525 round boxes to get from Walmart for 20 bucks they were charging 90 its outrageous.
    We sell 500 round cans of SK .22LR for $75. SK is manufactured by Lapua in Germany. We also sell their Match Grade ammo at $105. Prices are slowly dropping as we have been able to get a limited supply of Remington .22LR that we were able to sell at $40 a brick.
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  6. In Northern Illinois, Walmart and Gander Mountain are bone dry. Bass Pro has the VERY occasional shipment which is always snatched up in minutes. These folks have not gotten crazy with the prices. They are higher than they were a year ago but not out of line with the circumstances.

    Two big gun shops have pretty good supplies: GAT Guns in East Dundee (prices are kinda high); MegaSports in Plainfield (PRICES ARE EXTORTIONARY; they have lost my business).

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  7. I've wanted to get into reloading ammunition for a few years now, but my home isn't big enough to set up reloading equipment. Plus, as you said, access to the components is almost as tough as finding ammunition.

    Learning to reload is still on my 'to-do' list.

  8. Why is it that I can find ammo somewhat more easily and cheap online, compared to finding the same ammo in local stores? I don't think it would be as confusing if the prices were high, or the ammo scarce, online - but I have been seeing 9mm at a reasonable price online, for sometime now, and I still cannot seem to find reasonably priced 9mm locally (I live in So Cal - so maybe that has something to do with it?).

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    Ammunition shortage...

    Thank goodness that things have mellowed here in Vermont. I've not had any trouble with .40 cal from day one but the 9mm was hard to find and expensive for a while.
    Now, I can grab multiples of any caliber I shoot (and I do!).
    Prices aren't bad either. 9mm FMJ for $17 a box of 50 (American Eagle 124grn).
    .380 is plentiful and relatively cheap too. A box of FMJ PMC Gold (50 count) for $18.
    No limit in the amount you can buy either. Now, .22 ammo I don't know what a good price would be because I don't shoot it but there is more of it on the shelves than I could shoot in an entire month.

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    Maybe give Freedom Munitions, a try. They've recently had a few different types each of 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP back in stock and seem to be only about 10% higher priced than before the panic. I've shot a couple thousand rounds of .40 reman and haven't had a hiccup yet.

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