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  1. Angry Ammunition shortage...

    Does anyone know of a reliable online source for practice/target ammunition? Local stores here in Orlando either can't keep handgun ammo in stock, or they try to gouge you for it.

    I'm currently looking for 9mm (115gr) FMJ.
    .45 ACP (230gr) FMJ would be a bonus, but I'm not out of that yet

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    Check Just put in what you want in the search engine and peruse the result. Word of warning. Some of the folks there are into the viking mode (rape and pillage) but there are plenty who are very fair and reasonable. Just don't buy the first offering you see.
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    Here you go......

    .45ACP ammo

    GunBot find .45 ACP ammo in stock

    9mm ammo

    GunBot find 9mm ammo in stock

    WalMart has a little ammo these days, Academy, Bass Pro Shop and a few others are well stocked with ammo.

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    this really dosent have too do with shortage but was wondering what is best ammo to use if im leaving it in my home defense gun for long period at a time

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    Check out, will let You look for different kinds of ammo

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    I have used them in the past and like them.

    Good Luck !

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    Does anybody have any idea when the ammunition shortage is going to end I was looking for 22 ammo the other day and for the same 525 round boxes to get from Walmart for 20 bucks they were charging 90 its outrageous.

  9. thanks for all the leads guys... I'll follow some of them today and see what comes up. I still have a new Glock 19 that I haven't shot a round through..

  10. might have what you are looking for

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    Quote Originally Posted by twt View Post
    this really dosent have too do with shortage but was wondering what is best ammo to use if im leaving it in my home defense gun for long period at a time
    Whatever ammo you're comfortable shooting. For long term storage, the ammo isn't the concern. If you're leaving ammo in a magazine, the spring tension might be a consideration, but the general consensus is, that really isn't a problem either.

    The home defense firearm is there for a reason and it should be loaded, IMHO. Check it frequently, perform the necessary maintenance, and practice with the home defense firearm, too. You can practice with ball ammo and save the "good stuff" for its intended use. That's what I do and this process has been working (for me) great for several decades.

    Just to be clear, my home defense ammo is NOT several decades old, but the practice ammo I received from my dad is (1980s "Law Enforcement-use only" ammo) and I've had no issues with any of the ammo.
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