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  1. Holster Belt Measuring

    Good Afternoon:

    I have searched this forum and can't find the answer I am looking for so I am hoping that the users here can help. I bought a Bianchi leather holster for my Ruger GP100 stainless in 6". I now need a good belt. I dont want to spend a fortune but I want a quality belt. The problem I have is I am reading conflicting information on how to measure for the length of belt to order. I have seen 2" longer than your current everyday belt, measure from the buckle to the second to last hole, etc... Can someone tell me if I have a 38" waist, what size belt should I look for. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    You need to go to the website you plan to order from and read their instructions and follow. them. to. a. " T".

    I recently purchased a Wilderness Tactical Instructor belt (55.00$ and well worth it). I was off 1 inch in my measuring and the belt is almost too small
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  4. Holster Belt Measuring

    Check out crossbreed seconds. You can save a little money and still get a good belt.

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    I am partial to the blackhawk cqc belts. I agree with treo to go to the manufactures website and follow their directions for sizing. If that is unavailable you will want to go up a size from normal.

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    Echo! Read the manufacturer's sizing guidelines. Also remember... too small of a belt will never work.... too large of a belt can always either be cut down or a velcro cable tie can be used to rein in the excess.
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    The only reason I can think of that you would need a belt 2" longer than your size is if the holster you're planning on wearing on it is an IWB. If it's a belt holster of some sort, I would think your regular size would be the size to order.

    That said, I didn't check the instructions at The Beltman website, I just opened it to give you that link. Right at the top of their Home Page, in red letters with exclamation points, it says:


    DO NOT order your waist size or pants size!
    You MUST follow the measuring instructions before you order! Click here to read the FAQs!!!
    Thanks, The Belt Man.

    So there ya go. Taking my advice would've been wrong. Go to the manufacturer's website and read their instructions before you order anything. And as always, you will get what you pay for.


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