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    Question What Was That All About?!

    Last month, I went to see my primary care physician to discuss results from some medical tests. Although I had a follow-up appointment in the next three weeks, I didn't want to wait any longer for the results ,. I have been his patient for well over 19 years, during which he has always been pleasant, with an excellent bedside manner. This time was different. He was uncharacteristically abrupt, rude and obviously annoyed. I couldn't figure, for the life of me, what it was that I done to earn his ire. When I discussed this with my wife, she pointed out what she thought was totally obvious. I had worn my USA Carry t-shirt. Believe me, it never entered my mind when I pulled it out of the drawer that morning. At my wife's request, I returned for the follow-up appointment wearing a "neutral" shirt - gray with no symbols, writing or pictures on it. He was back to his old self; happy, calm and with a pleasant smile to match his mood. So, of course my wife believes this proves her point and went out to buy me some new shirts!

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    Get a T shirt with a silhouette of this on it. I just ordered one lol. Set me back $45 and worth it.

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    I've had my car vandalized because I had a political bumper sticker on it,

    There was a very well publicized case here in Co Springs, in which a Ltc. from Fort Carson was caught spray painting " F--- YOU " on cars W/ Bush bumper stickers.

    My wife was chased from one end of town to the other by a psychotic woman who took offence at a bumper sticker on her car. This was actually the catalyst that turned my wife from an anti back to the light side.

    I've even had people gripe about my Cabella's bumper sticker.

    I don't advertise my political leanings, my religious beliefs, or my status as a gun owner. I don't wear logoed clothing (except for a Cabella's hat) I don't even put bumper stickers on my roll away.

    It isn't worth the hassle & people seem to think it's an invitation to interject their opinion on what ever bumper sticker / T-shirt / hat / brand of tool I may have a logo on.
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    The only sticker on my truck is for the recycling center - that earns me an extra nickel a pound when I bring in aluminum cans or scrap metal.

    I used to have this on the truck, till some uptight twit "removed" it for me.
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  6. My doctor noticed my real tree sweat shirt and asked if I hunted.

    I told him I did and then we began talking about handguns and AR-15's. He was in the market for one.

    Now every time I go in, we end up talking about shooting.

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