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Thread: NRA or Firearm Stickers on Vehicle?

  1. The NRA supports gun rights, the second amendment, and veterans. I therefore support the NRA with my life membership. It's not about a sticker, and members are not required to attach stickers, or anything else, to anything else. I seriously doubt that without the NRA we would enjoy gun righst to the extent we have yet.

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    This is true I didnot mean to make anyone feel ashamed and apoligize if this is how it was wrote. There is nothing wrong in how you feel we are a free society. Guess just frustrated as am sure many are that "certain" groups force there "opinions" down are throat.

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    I have a NRA and a Georgia Carry sticker on my pickup. I do not believe they target vehicles with gun stickers. They target vehicles because of unlocked doors or what they can see through the windows. Also have a USMC sticker beside the Georgia Carry Sticker.

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    I donít like stickers on my cars. Iím a vet and belong to a few organizations and donít advertise for the any of them. If someone doesnít like me a sticker wont make a difference.

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    There are only two stickers on my truck. One is my "Bad Bow Tie" sticker and the other is a a fading " Sign of the easily fooled" 0 symbol sticker. In 2017 the 0 sticker, like the occupier of the WH, will be gone.
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    I dont advertise that I have firearms. Putting advertisements on my vehicle is just begging to get it broken into. Putting advertiesements on my person is just tacky in my opinion.

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    I don't have any on my vehicles. I personally don't want to advertise that I am armed. Secondly I have never been a fan of putting any stickers on my vehicles anyway.

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    There has been a rise in break-ins in my area and what some of the LEO's are saying is that BG's are looking for ammo! Imagine that, criminals can't find ammo either.

    How many people leave extra ammo in their vehicles? You throw a sticker or two on your vehicle saying you are a firearms enthusiast and you've basically put up a "to steal" sign.

    Do I care if people put stickers on their vehicles? No, just don't put one on mine.

    My personal philosophy with any type of advertising is that manufacturer or company better pay me to peddle their goods and/or services. If not, then I will not advertise for them free of charge.
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  10. While I am very 'pro-gun', I go out of my way to not put any indicators out for the general public. no t-shirts, bumper stickers, or anything else. I avoid all stickers on my car to keep it looking cleaner

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    My football team and a Vietnam Vet stickers are the only ones on my truck.

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