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    I've never really owned a gun but the current state of the union has forced me to change that. What are your recommendations for a conceal & carry pistol and a good quality rifle. Cost is a big issue, along with ammo availability, stopping power, accuracy, distance & quality. Thanks

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    You have to go to gun shops and actually talk to dealers and handle the firearms. There are so many that are good and they vary in every way that you mention in your thread. Very unfair to you to embrace comments on this forum and make a decision. If you want to know what I have----kel tec 380 for pocket carry, ,FN5.7X28 for holster CC and an 18 inch barrel pump shotgun. The only one of these that I would definitely suggest based on my comments is the short barrel shotgun with #1 buckshot for devastating home defense that will not miss if aimed.

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    kelcarry is correct. Handle some guns and keep the advice from forums in perspective. So many people are attached to certain brands or types and can be very negative about others. Take it all in and filter as necessary

    I have no problem with someone looking for inexpensive options and I believe there are a good number of those - though inexpensive is a very relative word. Cost is another area that will draw some strong commentary in that some do feel that if you don't pay high you won't get good. I am not part of that school of thought but, to each his own.

    9mm is popular for a number of reasons, not the least of which is ammunition availability.

    I will tell you what I have and leave the rest to everyone else. I have a SCCY-cpx2 which is a sub-compact 9mm that can be had for under $300 and I also have a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 that goes for around $400 or so. Love 'em both and they are easy to carry, conceal and shoot with the Bodyguard being smaller and lighter and the SCCY having more capacity and a stronger round.

    Now do know that I am not any type of expert on handguns so take this as commentary and not advice.

    Good luck and welcome.

  5. As you can tell I prefer to carry full size, but I also have a .380 and a .22 that on occasion I also carry. Handle and shoot at a range to get a feel for what you are comfortable with and like. The important thing is you are practicing your rights!

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    Look at gun reviews online, go to gun shops and look and hold some guns, and go to the range and talk with people. We can recommend all kinds of good guns but only you know which feel right in your hand. As for caliber, in handgun people carry everything from a .22 up to .45 or .357.
    Remember that big calibers are only good if you can shoot them accurately, like with any gun. Shoot what you can control and hit the target.
    I carry either a .380 or a .32 acp. Some people would not carry these smaller calibers, but I shoot them well and have confidence in them.
    As for a rifle, a 30/30 lever action is nice, but again you need to check out different rifles also. Good Luck!

  7. If it makes any difference to you, I normally carry a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, which I like a lot. The only down side is, it's full size and there is no thumb safety (which is pretty normal for a lot of modern semi-autos). I've recently acquired a Glock 19 (compact 9mm - also no thumb safety) which I will probably carry more often after I get a chance to practice with it a little. Both are pretty easy to dismantle and clean...

    Also, don't count out the possibility of a good revolver. They are VERY reliable, simple to use and to clean. If you go that route, I recommend looking at a .357. The advantage of that is, you can still shoot .38 through it if you want - plus if you get good enough you have to ability to use the ammo it was made for. It is not true the other way around... Don't try to shoot .357 through a .38.

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    Each of the above posters has made solid, reasonable suggestions.....

    Study up some by reading reviews...both good and bad reviews... you tube has lots of gun reviews done by self appointed experts...

    One of the better guys who's been around guns for at least 50 years and does a multitude of gun reviews (in depth) is Hickoc45... HICKOK45 - YouTube ... go to his channel and learn something about guns, ammunitions and assorted gun related gear. Subscribe to his channel and you'll get several emails each week announcing new videos on different guns.... He is interesting/entertaining, and knowledgable... and has several hundred gun reviews...I guessing ~ at least half are handgun reviews.

    I personally like and use a semiauto Kahr CM9 (a very small, and smooth 9mm 'pocket' gun)...I've also carried other semiautos and wheelguns over many years..., in 38 SPL and .357 mag., 9mm, .45acp, and .380. I also owned several varieties of .45 Colt 1911's, Browning Hi-Power 9mm, Browning BDA .380, Beretta .380, S&W Mod 27 .357mag, S&W 60 .357mag, S&W 686, S&W 586, Colt Python 357mag, Diamondback 38 SPL, Ruger: Speed Six 357, Security Six .357, Blackhawk .357, Dan Wesson .357, Bersa .380's & 9mm....and my list goes on and on.... and as I stated, I've now settled at this point in time to a Kahr CM9 9mm (7 rnd)...PERIOD.

    So, study up on some guns, try some out if at all possible, and then...

    Good luck with your gun decision...

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    My primary carry handguns are the Glock 21SF.45 and S&W 642 Airweight .38.

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    You can usually find good deals on police trade-in guns. Most of them have been carried a lot, but not shot much. Try to handle and shoot as many guns as is practical before you buy.
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  11. Invest $50 and take a firearms course with a reputable trainer. He/she will not only teach you the correct way to handle, carry, and shoot firearms, you will also be able to try out a variety of firearms and see what you feel comfortable using.

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