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    Thanks guys. Good to know that I don't need two different setups.

    To get started what are the basics that you need? Press, correct dies and tumbler? Just asking about the hardware not the materials that you will use to actually load.
    You will need the press, which ever one you decide to go with and the dies for each caliber you load. Powder (rifle or pistol), primers (rifle or pistol), scales for powder measurements and a caliper to measure the OAL. If you go with a digital scale make sure it's a good one and it should come with a set of weights to calibrate it. I use the Lee powder dispenser to make the charging a lot easier. If you go with the Lee powder dispenser cut a dryer sheet into a circle and tape it to the inside of the lid. This will help dissipate any static that builds up in the powder tube giving you a nice accurate powder charge. I have loaded tens of thousands of rounds since 1995 using almost the same tools I started with without any problems.

    I consider a tumbler an essential part of reloading. While you can reload with out one I prefer to use clean brass. Easy to spot the questionable brass if they are clean. I have several different types of media that I run and it's quick to change out the media. I use an Lyman tumbler. Those have proven to be the longest lasting for me. I am on my second Lyman now and the first one lasted me several years before the motor bearings failed. I made a switched receptacle on my bench with an rotary one-hour timer that I purchased at Lowes. I load 3 to 4 hundred brass, pour in the media and set the timer. After an hour the tumbler shuts off automatically and the brass looks real good. One hour of tumbling seems to be the sweet spot. I dump the cleaned brass into a larger container and then repeat with a new batch. After reloading I run the finished rounds through the tumbler with a polishing media that gives them that fresh store bought ammo look.

    Buy your bullets, primers and powder in bulk. I buy my bullets on-line and my powder and primers from my LGS. Depending on the weight of the bullet, one pound of powder is good for about 1200 rounds of .40. 9mm will get you more rounds per pound. Primers come in packages of 100 or a box is 1,000. A case is 10,000. If the price is right you could split a case with some of your buddies. Same goes for the powder. Last time I bought powder I got a 4 pounder for 60 bucks and change. A one pound can of powder depending on where you live could cost you 24.00 to 26.00 dollars per pound so it saves you $$$ buying in bulk.

    I will also add that it is very satisfying and relaxing at least for me, to make my own rounds. And who knows when or if the SHTF, you can make your own ammo until your supplies run out. Just my two cents.
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    He buys powder and primers local to avoid the hazardous materials shipping fees that are tacked on to powder and primers.

    And if you are doing this without someone showing you the ropes, start by reloading 9mm, gain some experience with that before you move onto less forgiving calibers.

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