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Thread: Reloading advice

  1. Reloading advice

    Due to the difficulty of finding ammunition, I'm seriously considering reloading my own.

    Does anyone out there have advice on a decent reloading press for a beginner? I'd mainly be using it for bulk handgun FMJ target ammo (as opposed to precision hunting loads, etc.).

    what kind of investment should I be looking at if i'm starting on the ground floor? What equipment should I put off for later and what accessories would I need immediately?

    Any input would really help

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    Look at Lee Precision products as a beginner. They make many starter kits that will have almost everything you would need to get started with a single caliber. I would look at one of their rotating turret press beginner kits. READ THE RELOADING manual that comes with it! I would also get a vibratory tumbler right away, too.

    midwayusa is a good company that usually has good prices. Good luck finding components (primers, powder and bullets). Components are as scarce as ammunition is.
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    Reloading advice

    I new at it and the advice given to me was a Lee Pro 1000 turret press. Go to Titan reloading. Their prices beat everyones. A scale is a must and don't trust a digital one. Everything you need is on that site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rehalfacre View Post
    A scale is a must and don't trust a digital one.
    That's ridiculous. Digital scales are just as accurate as manual ones when you calibrate them. Even the cheapest digital scales come with calibration weights. I use a digital scale to load long range precision rifle loads all the time with perfect results.

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    In my mind there is no doubt it is Dillon! Easy to set up and use. The best customer service. You call saying you have a broken part and it is in the mail the next day no questions asked. Plus you get their magazine with hot women holding guns on the cover.

    Don't forget you will need a tumbler; $59.00 at Midway, Brass polish $10.00 at midway, calipers, digital scale $15 and up on Amazon.

    Start collecting brass now and ordering components. Precision Delta has about a 16 week wait for bullets.

  7. I am new to reloading as well. I can second the choice of Dillon equipment. I did a lot of research on various reloading sites, and although their are multiple manufacturers of very fine quality equipment, the Dillon owners appear to be unanimous in their respect for the Dillon warranty and the quality of the equipment. I bought the RL550 B. I probably over did it on the extra bells and whistles added to the basic RL 550B, but after reading so many comments about how it never loses value, I figured I could sell it for more than I paid for it when I get too old to pull the handle. Try some of the reloading sites and see the comments for yourself .

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    LEE Anniversary Edition. See if Midway USA has them. They were running $115.99 and that's a great price.
    Lee Die Sets as well.
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    OH MY!
    Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit | eBay

    Strike now on ebay, Might just score for $60.00
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    Still consider myself as a noob as well. Was fortunate to come across a 550B from a friend who no longer had the time and it didn't cost me a penny. Have had great luck with it and wouldn't use anything else. The only problems I have had were my own rookie mistakes.

    The only problem with reloading at the moment (for me) is that the bullets are so hard to find. I shoot mostly 9mm and .223 and it's really a crap shoot finding bullets cheap enough to make it worth it, if you can find them at all. Small rifle primers are still impossible to find right now as well.

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  11. Start with a single stage press

    I recently decided to start reloading and went with a progressive reloader. It was an overwhelming experience. In retrospect I should have started with a single stage press.

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