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Thread: Why is .22LR still being hoarded???

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    Every household that has guns, usually has one or more .22LR guns. It is the single most used ammo in the world today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kramer1113 View Post
    There are some impressive 1000 yard shots on YouTube with .22's. Same kill as a .223 at a fraction of the cost.
    A 22lr will drop 3000 inches at 1000 yards be traveling at 400fps and carry 16ft-lbs of energy. A 55gr 223 will drop around 500 inches be traveling 1000fps and carry 100ft-lbs of energy.

    I don't see those as the same "kill". A 223 has more velocity and energy at 750 yards as a 22lr has at the muzzle.

    A 1000yrd shot with a 22 isn't impressive. It would be amazing. Do you have YouTube links to these shots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcustomsteel View Post
    Y'all are a hoot! I have all I need. Keep on buying at these prices. Buy some more gold while you are at it Current Gold Price Chart - Price of Gold - Spot Gold Price Per Ounce
    Not in the gold market. I am in the junk silver market, however. Gold is for retirement nest eggs, silver is for barter/trade when a dollar is worthless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock20 View Post
    Every household that has guns, usually has one or more .22LR guns. It is the single most used ammo in the world today.
    I have 2 pistols and a 10/22. Don't consider either for defense, but for practicing basic marksmanship or taking out small game without too much damage you can't beat it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerbob View Post
    Nah... I'm going to keep buying everything, just for you.
    PharkinA I shoot in 2 Rim Fire Leagues - 1 PPC League - and that does not even consider practice. Trap Military Shoots and general plinking when I get the chance.
    The increase in ammo is really starting to bum me out. I compensate by searching out deals and steals.

    I am one of those guys you hear about from a breathless metro sexual news reporter on is all flushed and pale on camera when he reports that" the guy had many thousands of rounds of ammunition IN HIS HOUSE!!!! Oh my GOD!!!! How can this be possible in a civilized society."

    Oh crap is the NSA listening?
    Gotta go.
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