Soliciting comments on the Coonan Classic
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Thread: Soliciting comments on the Coonan Classic

  1. Soliciting comments on the Coonan Classic

    I am seriously considering the purchase of a Coonan Classic .357 automag. Does anyone own one and have any comments they'd like to share? Do you CC it and how? I realize it's a fistful, but the stopping power of .357 magnum is very attractive. I own a revolver in the caliber, but it is pretty cumbersome to carry around.

  3. if you get one let us know. ive long been intrigued by them.

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    Here's was looks like a good review on it.
    Coonan Arms Classic .357 Magnum 1911 Pistol

  5. If I get one I will certainly post about it. :D

    I did read that review, dust, and a couple others. I have yet to find anyone who actually has one. Guess I'll have to save my shekels and get my own to review.

  6. Okay. I've never heard of this gun uuntil now. And you have my attention! You'll DEFINITELY have to let us know how it works for you.

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    I have owned one for a little over a year now. It is a very well built firearm. Mine is a blast to shoot, and it likes its loads hot. (doesn't like WWB) Haven't used it as a carry gun yet as I am waiting on the holster and belt, but plan on using it for my carry when takeing bike trips or at home. For normal carry situations I'll stick with my Kimber Pro RaptorII. It is a large pistol so it may not be ideal for many carry situations.

    The Coonan also will handle .38 special, by changeing the recoil spring.(spring included) Spare mags are expensive at just under $60.00.

    If you enjoy shooting .357/.38 sp you can't go wrong.Soliciting comments on the Coonan Classic-img_0462.jpg

  8. Thanks for the get-back, leprechaun! Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Great comparison pics, too. Are you looking to carry IWB or OWB? I was thinking, due to it's size, maybe a shoulder rig. Is that the base grip or an option? Oh, and what ammo are you shooting?

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    I have an OWB belt and holster on order from Sideguard. After shooting 100 rounds of WWB and having issues with stove pipeing, I have shot nothing but handloads. For plated bullets, 19.5gr of H110, Starline brass and HSM PHP. For jacketed, 21gr of H110, Starline brass, and Montana Gold 125gr JHP. When I switch to .38 Special its 6gr HP-38,(Note: Hodgdon lists 5.3 gr for this load. Hornady is a little higher, but 6gr is pushing the edge.) Starline brass and Montana Gold 125gr JHP. I have also been thinking about a shoulder holster for bike trips.

  10. Thanks for the input, Leprechaun!

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