What's the best CC holster?
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Thread: What's the best CC holster?

  1. What's the best CC holster?

    What's the best CC holster? Looking for something on the waistband.

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    Of course there are other questions that you want to consider. The first is which weapon you're trying to carry. The second is how much retention do you wish. I have had good luck with the Remora holster for my Walther PPS. It seems to hold it well. I do have a sweat shield and I do have the clip for the waistband which helps to make it tuckable.

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    It really depends on whats comfortable to you. I have a drawer full of OWB holsters I never use, simply because they're uncomfortable. The only comfortable OWB holster I have was made by Beretta for my 92FS. Shoulder holsters work for me too, but to get a good/comfortable one, you'll be spending over $100. THE Most comfortable holsters I have and wear every day are my Old Faithful holsters. I honestly can't say good enough things about them. I carry a full size Sprinfield XD or my 92FS, and I honestly can hardly tell I'm carrying. I also made a custom holster with one of their kits for my XD when I have the light/laser combo on it. But what works for me, may not work for you. Its all personal preference.

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    I owned four OWB holsters for my XD and found something to dislike about each of them. My final holster was the Crossbreed IWB my wife got me for Christmas last year. Black, combat cut and nearly perfect. I'm waiting for the Glock 30S to show up and when I buy one, I'll immediately order a Crossbreed for it.

  6. I'm a tuckable fan for CC and the most comfortable one I have found is a Crossbreed. The others are collecting dust while I wear my Crossbreed...

    Best wishes in finding what works for you, there are many great holsters to chose from.

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    Since we're on the topic about holsters and the best for cc carry does anyone have a good suggestion that will fit my kahr P 40

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    The holster you are going to like best depends on a lot of factors: what position do you want to carry, how do you normally dress, do you wear a sturdy belt, climate, your body's structure, what you are wanting to conceal...do you want kydex, leather or hybrid. The list can be overwhelming but I suggest you not skimp on a quality holster.

  9. CC for LC9

    Can anyone recommend a holster for a Ruger LC9?

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