CCW Permit Add-ons???
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Thread: CCW Permit Add-ons???

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    CCW Permit Add-ons???

    I was told by a friend that lives in another state (Mississippi) that there are "add-ons" (for lack of a better term) to the ccw permit that allows you to carry in some places we cannot normally carry. The friend showed me basically a sticker on the back of his permit that he said allows him to carry in bars. I live in Louisiana and I have never heard of anything like it. I did a little research but didn't really come up with anything. Can anyone who may know something about it shine a little light on that for me? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    It must depend on the state. In NC they're all the same, only LEO, DA, Judges ect... Have privileges.

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    Jackson Lewis LLP | Workplace Resource Center | Mississippi Expands Concealed Carry Rights for Gun Permit Holders with Extra Training

    Theres one link. I typed in "Mississippi ccw bar carry". Its amazing what google does.
    Basically need more training to get that "add on".

  5. I Mississippi, if you can pass a background check and have $132, you can get a CC permit, but there a many places that you can't carry. If you take an approved class (NRA Basic Pistol Class for example) you can then get an "Enhanced" sticker on your permit that allows you to carry almost anywhere.

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    CCW Permit Add-ons???

    I'm glad NC just passed a law to expand CCW into certain places. I don't believe if you've already had your back ground checks and paid your $$ that you should have to pay extra for add ons

  7. Here in Mi we almost got the enhanced CPL, but our Governor did not like some of the wording and would not sign it in to law.

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    Michigan has a strange variation to its concealed carry laws. Permits, called CPLs, have some restrictions as to where guns can be carried. These include day care centers, bars, hospitals, sport stadiums, etc. We're an open carry state as well, and legislators rushed to make these same restrictions apply to those carrying openly. Yet our MI state AG rendered an opinion that gives CPL holders the ability to carry in no-carry zones by openly carrying! Because even the police aren't always up on the laws, he published this opinion in the Michigan State Police Legal Update No. 86 on October 26th of 2010. From the update: "Officers must be aware of the above exemption for valid CPL holders as many of the citizens who openly carry firearms possess valid CPLs. An individual with a valid CPL may carry a non-concealed firearm in the above listed premises."

    It wasn't long after this update came out when a buddy of mine was admitted to the hospital. On a whim, I decided to stop in and see him when I was in the area. Because it wasn't a planned stop, I'd forgotten my portable gun safe at home. So I removed my cover garment and put the law to the test by walking into the hospital. I must say that the staff was either incredibly well trained or completely unobservant, because nobody batted an eye. So even though we didn't get an "enhanced CPL," there are ways to carry just about anywhere except places specifically posted as off-limits.
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