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    Today I received an email from asking for endorsement to change the Florida stand your ground law. The petition came from Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton with Change for Trayvon Sanford, Florida. I think we you start one too, requesting the approval of open carry in our Florida State, and other to have a CCW permit valid all across the country. Come on guys let steal the idea an start our own movement. If we regroup all NRA member in the same petition they will hear us. What do you think?
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  3. I think it would be worth the time and effort. Did you trash the spam they sent you?

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    Stan Your Ground -

    No I still having it. Don't know how to upload it here.

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    Love how they start out lying right off. GZ did none of what they say except killing her son. IN SELF DEFENSE. And that is what the court said. Nothing was tried in this case about SYG. It was a non-issue.
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    Go for it. I'll sign it!

  7. That's a good idea, but would be nationwide.

  8. Im not an nra member yet but ill sign it....

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    Sometimes emotion overshadows truth. They need an outlet for their pain and this is it. In their hearts they believe all of this. But we all know in those private times they would like to kick their son in his rear because they know him. They know he was a punk.

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    They didnt write that. How would they know how many states have SYG or not?

  11. I find it hilarious how ignorant they are.

    1. If they want to claim that stand your ground should be repealed because George Zimmerman was in a position to "stand his ground" against Martin and instead think he should have retreated, then they are admitting that Trevon Martin was the criminal agressor attacking Zimmerman.

    2. If they want to claim that George Zimmerman was the criminal attacking Trevon Martin then they are admitting that Trevon Martin did the wrong thing by staying and "standing his ground" against Zimmerman when he should have retreated. In that case, repealing the stand your ground law would have made Trevon Martin the criminal for not retreating.

    Either way, the change they want places Trevon Martin squarely as being in the wrong.
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