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  1. Lancaster Arms - Rip Off advisory

    Hey guys,

    I know the general discussions in the forum center around pistols, but I wanted to alert the legitimate gun buying public of a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

    Please save yourself a lot of headache and AVOID buying any guns from Lancaster Arms in Arizona. Please visit my webpage and circulate it among anyone you know.

    I don't collect e-mail addresses or ask you to sign up for anything... all I want is web hits with unique IP addresses so that my page come up higher in search engine results. In short, I want EVERYONE to know about Chet Durda and Lancaster Arms

    If you doubt my sincerity, and think this is just shameless bashing, please do your own Google search on Chet & Lancaster. This is no joke.

    Please pass this on! Feel free to post my website to any other forums you might want to.

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    So... what actually happened? Your website doesn't say. (My internet is too slow to watch the video.)

  4. They sold me a rifle that didn't work, and when I returned it for warranty replacement, they just defaulted. Kept my money, didn't deliver a working rifle, and ripped off a lot of other people the same way.

    Seriously - Don't take my word for it. do your own google search.

    The ATF was looking into his business practices, the Arizona Attorney General eventually sued him, and he's lost a handful of small claim suits.

    Also, check this out... Here's their BBB link.

    This company is bad news. Make sure everyone knows

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    You may want to check this out and see if you can get your rifle taken care of:


    They are no longer Lancaster arms, they have been bought out and are now Lancaster Armory and on their home page they talk about how they are going to make right to customers who were wronged under Lancaster Arms. Since I did my own research, I'm not going to post a hit on your website when it seems like Lancaster Armory realizes the previous owners did bad business and want to correct it.
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    Read the BBB link, sounds like a business that I don't want to patronize. Thanks for the heads up.

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