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View Poll Results: Which .380 acp do you own/carry?

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  • Bersa Thunder .380

    9 12.16%
  • Walther PK380

    2 2.70%
  • Walther PPK

    4 5.41%
  • Ruger LCP

    25 33.78%
  • Ruger LC380

    2 2.70%
  • Kel Tec P3AT

    6 8.11%
  • KAHR P380

    1 1.35%
  • Diamondback DB380

    0 0%
  • Taurus TCP

    4 5.41%
  • Magnum Research Micro Eagle

    1 1.35%
  • SIG P232/238

    8 10.81%
  • NAA Guardian

    3 4.05%
  • S&W Bodyguard

    8 10.81%
  • Cobra Patriot

    0 0%
  • FEG

    0 0%
  • Beretta M1934

    0 0%
  • Beretta 84/85 FS Cheetah

    1 1.35%
  • Colt M1903

    0 0%
  • CZ 38

    0 0%
  • Glock 28

    0 0%
  • Hi Point CF .380

    0 0%
  • Other

    8 10.81%
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Thread: For all the .380 acp people

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    Quote Originally Posted by cluznar View Post
    The lcp has really become a popular carry gun. I can see why, it is easy to conceal in a pocket. I shot one once and thought it was a little to snappy, for me that is. I thought the Ruger LC380 would become very popular, it has a little better size than the lcp but yet can still fit in pockets or purse.
    Problem with the LC380, is that it is the exact same gun, including size and weight, as the LC9. I have both the LCP and LC9. I would never choose a .380 over a 9mm fired from exactly the same gun. I have the LCP because it weighs only 9oz compared to the LC9's 17oz.

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    Just have one- a well-worn P3AT.
    Highly recommended reading:

  4. Bersa 383

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillip69 View Post
    My pc of sh_t bodyuard 380 cost SAME ***SAME** as my real EDC Glock 21 .45!!!!!!!!!

    My glock has fired 4,000 rounds so far no probl; pc of sh_t S&W wont even load a bullet any more (no, it is not the laser screw)!!!!!!! and they ARGUE about fixing it!!!!!!!!! been back 3 times going on 4 soon hopefully.
    is it one of the first ones ? saw they had a few ones have had those problems solved and now seem to be very reliable....have not heard of any problems with the newer ones...I have one with about 1,500 rounds through it, not a single misfires, no problem with the takedown coming out.....very happy with it. can wear gym shorts in summer with it concealed no problem...once the cooler weather hits, and more clothes are worn, the M&P 9 is on board.

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    LCP. I don't know that cost was as much a factor as having read and heard so many good things about the LCP. So I bought one new in March, it shoots great, a little snappy, but it's not a range gun, so it doesn't matter to me that it has some snap. The snappiness may matter later on in life should I become arthritic or something like that, but for now it's a great little carry gun. I tuck it in an IWB leather DeSantis holster, it goes everywhere I do that is legal. I do not do pocket carry because I have been accustomed to my 5 o'clock IWB position, and do not want to alter my carry method.

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