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Thread: Remember The Ammo?

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    Things here in Vermont seem to be getting much better. Lots of 9mm, tons of .40, .380, .22lr. Also at great prices.
    I grabbed a couple hundred rounds of 9 and am hitting the range tomorrow.
    Now I can bring the whole "gang"!
    Taurus 738, Ruger P95 and my M&P .40!
    My buddy will bring the .308 + .303(?) and we'll grab lunch after we shoot out some stock.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Every time I buy a new firearm I buy the loading die sets to along with it. Never had a ammo shortage!!!!
    I may have been born yesterday, BUT, I didn't live all day for nothing.

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    Ammo is coming back but not at the Wall Mart where I live. The only place I can find ammo is at my local Gun Dealer. And as you can imagine I'm paying a hefty price. Be glad when things get to "Normal"
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    I've been able to get 9mm and .40 at Academy. Hard to find 380 though...
    They bumped up the number of boxes you can purchase per day from 1 to 2 three weeks ago.
    Me and my wife go Saturday mornings and get 2 boxes each.

  6. I live in GA, picked up 2 50 round boxes of Federal Premium 230 grain .45 FMJ for $42. I asked about getting some 9mm for the wife, they had nothing. No FMJ, hollow points, nothing.

  7. Remember The Ammo?

    Here in Tenn I find all my ammo at Academy Sports. Most major calibers are available w/ the occasional box of .22 long. They still have the 2 box limit.

  8. I can't find any 9mm anywhere. very disheartening. I don't depend on Walmart for too much, and this is why

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renfield View Post
    I can't find any 9mm anywhere. very disheartening. I don't depend on Walmart for too much, and this is why
    That is very well said. I have the same motto about the Government.

    "If you depend on the Government for anything, be prepared to be greatly disappointed"

    *Quote credited to Shepard Smith of FOX News while standing on a flooded highway after Hurricane Katrina.*
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    An Alternate Reality, I Assure You...
    So glad I have planned ahead... this buying craze really didn't affect me at all.
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  11. Checked my local WalMart today and found a lot of new Ammo. .45acp .40 .380 might have missed the 9mm, so things are getting better. Now if the prices will come down some.

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