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    How do you store/secure your handgun at home when not carrying? What's the best, accessible friendly safe?

  3. I have a dedicated HD gun (G17) and I carry a G26. I put the G26 inside to the right of the holstered G17 just laying on the bottom. Also have spare magazines in the bottom.

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    I've only got only 4 handguns and no rifles, so I bought a 12 sq ft safe, bolted it to the concrete slab.
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    Liberty gun safe.(Mine says John Deere across the front)

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    I have an Inprint biometric safe for my pistol and a Shotlock for my 12 gauge. Easy access yet keeps it out of small hands.

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    I use a gun vault for my handguns. My long guns are stored in a safe in my office, which is in a bank building.
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    I usually place my Glock 23 on either the nightstand, top the the dressed, or in the upper left hand drawer of the dressed.

    I usually carry a Taurus PT 845 in my work truck ( it's not really a work truck, I just drive it back and forth to work ) and when I get home I place it either on top of the dryer or on the kitchen bar.

    My daughter is 17yo and lives with her Mom and stepson will be 23 next month and has his own apartment so there aren't any little kids at home to worry about them handling a loaded handgun.

    Besides, both have been around guns since day one.

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    I have a lockbox in the drawer of my bed attached to the drawer with a cable in which resides a loaded bersa thunder (in case I can't get to the next room, my home office, where I have a gunsafe I picked up at Costco for a ridiculous price. It has a couple loaded shotguns and other gear. The safe weighs in a little over 500 lbs and has an electronic lock.
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