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Thread: Alien Gear Hybrid Holsters?

  1. Okay, sound good I might have to try positioning it there and see if I like it at that position.

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    I got my shipping notification today. About a week after I placed the order. Seems pretty reasonable.

  4. Yes it is, post up some pics when you get it.

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    Got mine in Saturday, and I wore it all day yesterday. I just took it straight out of the pack and put it on. I didn't have to do any adjustment to it. It is by far the most comfortable holster that I have had. It is my first hybrid holster, so I can't say if it is better than other hybrids. The leather and kydex are very thick. It makes it very easy to holster the gun while my belt is pulled tight. It also turns the butt of the grip snug against my body to help keep from printing. It was also very comfortable while driving. I couldn't feel it at all.

    Like I said before. This is my first hybrid, so I can't compare it to other hybrids. I can't imagine a better one being out there though. I don't see what the more expensive one would have that this one doesn't

  6. Awesome to hear that you like it, the one I have is for my G19 and XDm .45 4.5 and i love it. If you get another gun you can change out the kydex shell for the gun you want and with a life time warranty you can't beat it. I have a few holster and such like the Crossbreed mini for my XDs .45 I can compare that with this any day, I have one more holster coming it the one from Blade-tech owb and ones I get that I will be done with holsters.

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