Alien Gear Hybrid Holsters?
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Thread: Alien Gear Hybrid Holsters?

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    Alien Gear Hybrid Holsters?

    Ok I'm looking for a new IWB holster for my SR40c and I looked at the Crossbreed Super Tuck and others like it and came upon an Alien Gear Hybrid Holster. It looks pretty much the same as the crossbreed. What I saw for the guarantee is pretty awesome. 30 day test drive, free trades for life (new gun = new plastic shell to match) and a forever warranty. What I liked most about it was how adjustable it seems to be as far as cant and ride height. So let me throw this out there and see if I can get some feedback on this holster. Anybody?

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    I have also looked at them. Best thing is the price, start at about $30. Also, You can buy the kydex and keather backer separately.

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    I have one for my 9mm and my 380, They are made as good as any holster out there. Comfort and concealment are good. Life time warranty and kydex trade in cant be beat along with price of $38.00 dollars delivered. Took less than a week from order placement to delivery

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    Since this post I have purchased an Alien Gear Hybrid holster for my SR40c and I absolutely love it. Very comfortable, built extremely well and not to sound like a cheapskate (which I am) but the price was great. I would definitely recommend. Thanks for the feedback that I did get.

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    Good to know. I just saw the ad on the back of a magazine today, and looked them up. I am going to order one.

  7. Alien Gear Hybrid Holsters?

    I ordered one last week for my G22 while my Springfield XD-S .45 is away for recall. I hope to have it by this Thursday. I'll let you know my opinion when I get my hands on it.

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    I'm seriously impressed... they have it available for my Chiappa Rhino! I already have a holster I like, but this is definitely worth considering since I don't currently have the option of any cant whatsoever. Maybe when I get my next gun...

    Any idea how these would work on a very narrow woman? At almost 7" wide, my current holster literally takes up half of my back and doesn't play nice with my belt loops. Would someone mind measuring the width of theirs?
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  9. For those of you that purchased recently, how long did it take you to get yours in the mail? I ordered mine a week ago and still haven't gotten my email with tracking number yet. I was hoping to have it in my hands by now.

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    These are really great holsters. Better quality I think and as comfortable as the others great won't go wrong with this one for sure.Will say like Kennydale stated I have been using the three speed more this summer,but your preference of course

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