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    I need advice on changing shooting hands. I bought a HK P30 because it had releases on both sides (I'm left handed). I went to the range today and firing left handed, a couple of hot casings landed on my arm at the tender elbow bent point. It caused me to jerk the gun without thinking where it was pointing which it was ok this time because I was at the range. Is there anything special I need to do to change hands or is it just practice

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    Changing hands won't fix the problem of casing hitting your arm. You might want to wear long-sleeve shirts to prevent that from happening though.

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    it is just practice, I make it a point to shoot with my "off" hand at my range sessions

  5. Thanks for the info

  6. Wear long sleeves.

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    Get a tougher tender part of your arm....

    All kidding aside. I try to shoot a few rounds strong hand alone, strong hand with other hand as support, off hand with support, then off hand. Some old guy taught me that drill and i always run a few magazines every time I shoot doing that drill.

    I am cross eye dominant, which sucks, but I feel like this gives me good practice with all of my eyes and useful appendages. I still favor right hand left eye (and cock my head like a idiot), but it seems to work best for me. however, I could still get off a few accurate rounds left handed left eyed if I wanted. Try that drill a few times and see where you are getting the best groups/feel the most comfortable.

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    It's mostly practice but you will have to learn to adapt to eye dominance issues. Your stance will change a little.

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