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    What are your experiences with the Taurus Judge and the Circuit Judge? I would really like to purchase the concealed carry version of the Judge but the handle looks too small for very good control. The circuit judge looks like a nice small caliber shotgun but it sells like a handgun from the local gun stores in NC so still requires restrictions to buy.

    Also, which would you prefer between the synthetic stock on the Rossi Circuit Judge and the wooden stock?

  3. I have a Taurus Judge SS 2.5 inch chamber 3 inch barrel. To much to carry but it sits next to my bed at night. Loaded with a mixture of .45 Long Colt and Winchester PDX1 .410 shells. I love it. I haven't seen anyone with one like mine yet. Judge-1376448921541.jpg

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    I have a Judge PD, and just bought the slightly longer 4-425 grip from Midway USA for $12.99 plus tax, etc. It isn't much longer, but does allow the pinky to get a bit of a grip. I like the gun, particularly with 000 buck loads, but it may be a bit large for CC with my normal clothing of jeans & t-shirt. I also have had some significant light strike issues with mine ...just got it back from the factory a couple of days ago and hope to get to the range in a couple of days to see if the mis-fire problem is resolved.

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