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Thread: What's your "apocalypse" gun?

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    A Navy Seal friend of mine says his choice would be a .22 rifle with a bull barrel and 4x scope. That's good enough for me.
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    A 1911, a bolt action rifle in .30"/7.62mm or larger, an AR-15 or M1 Carbine, and a 12 ga shotgun. I know, that is four but why not be prepared.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by jfisch View Post
    The bigger the better. Intimidation factor is always something to consider but I'd anything with a .50 after it.
    If you can intimidate them, you have already let them get too close.

    G26 for "defense", 7.62X39 or 308 for "offense".

  5. With my movement limited by my family, I run a 16" 7.62 para DSA FAL, 1 30 rd mag & 1 50 rd drum, many extra 20 rd mags with a 1 X 4 illuminated Vortex, Glock 22 & Browning HP in 40. My son runs an AR 15 with an 512 EOTech with a Springfield XD in 9. Girlfriend with an pink AR 15 with a Sig micro red dot and a Springfield compact XD 9, my wife an 870 Remington with a + 2 extension in 12 ga, 18" barrel with rifle sights and a second Gen recoil reduction Knoxx pistol grip and adjustable stock, extra 26" vent barrelwith interchageble chokes, Springfield P 9 in 9mm with new 17 rd mags, and Charter Arms .380 lightweight revolver. Youngest son with a Ruger 1022 in a Knoxx stock with pistol grip and adjustable stock 10 and 25 rd mags, some of the 10's mounted 3 to a stick. Other "toys" for friends and neighbors to play with at my discretion.

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    In answer to your question, a rifle is always better than a pistol, but a pistol is always close. Walk through any really good gun store, and I have those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djkivley View Post
    So what would you grab for your end of the world firearm or firearms?

    If it's the "end of the world", what do you need a firearm for??????

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    Actually fairly simple for me, I'd go AK. Less worry about maintenance or cleaning.
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    Right now I have only a Ruger SR40C. It does me fine for my EDC & HD. If there is a SHTF situation? I guess....NOT MUCH!

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    My AK, of course...
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    If I had to bug out right now, it would have to be my AK. I have more rounds for that than the others.
    But I think a carbine in 9mm would be a good all around weapon for survival, if you could only have one gun.

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