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Thread: What's your "apocalypse" gun?

  1. I would have a lever action 30 30 winchester for long distance. Then I would have a smith and wesson model 29 44 mag on my hip for up close and personal.

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    Right now, I have to say my S&W SD40 VE. She's my new baby with two 14-rnd mags.

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    if a Glock ain't enough, you're probably screwed no matter what you're packin!
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    The one that's handy. Most likely my EDC. If I have time to get to the safe, though...
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    I have spares... y'know, after a shoot out the rifling and burn/melt the hand guards off. Hehe...

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    My AK, of course...
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    Simplicity at its finest, gentlemen.

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  7. Remington 12ga shotgun.

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    Close quarters fighting is a 40 cal high point carbine. Longer distance fighting Ar15. Long range fighting 30-06 Coming down the hall fighting 18.5" 12 gauge. Got down the hall fighting 40 cal ruger handgun. Too close for all the other stuff, I will just vomit on them. For food 22cal semi rifle or 30-30 or 12 gauge semi.

  9. A full-auto, belt-fed 22 RF with a trailer full of ammo. Now to return to what I can get and afford....

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    I would grab my LMT MKS, calibered in 7.62x51 (.308 if you can't stand the metric system), preferred urban sniper rifle in the British military. Since I already have my G22 strapped to my side, I won't need to go grab that.
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  11. Just from what I own right now -
    - If fighting from a fixed location with a group - my registered full-auto M1919, from the tripod, with 3,000 rounds of belted 30.06 (all I have on hand now)
    - If I had to pick up and move - Folding stock FAL with 18" barrel and as many magazines as I could carry - I have 60 - depending on weather/clothing/gear requirements.
    - For CQB/room clearing - Folding stock Saiga-12 (12 gauge) with 3 X 10 round magazines and 3 X 20 round drums.
    - Handguns are a secondary issue. Probably my HK USP45 or my Para Ord P-14.45.

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