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    Specific Help Requested

    Have had my Texas CHL about a month now. Having difficulty locating the following. Hip pocket wallet holster for SIG SAUER P938 w/X83-TGL laser. Lots of P238 but no luck with 9mm version. Also, need mans TALL WALLET, (no bi-fold, trifold, passport or front pocket wallets) with credit card slots on both sides, id windows on both sides (one for Tx DL one for Tx CHL), bill slots and checkbook slot if possible. Any good reference will be followed up on. Willing to have made to spec if can find quality leather smith.

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    Thanks for the input. I had already checked this out. Will contact and see if can be made for hip pocket as this model is for front pocket. Will also need Sig Trigger Guard laser and not Crimson Trace. Maybe they can accommodate me. I even tried finding a blue gun or red gun mold to wet mold my own leather, but none offered yet.

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