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Thread: We must regulate umbrellas! NOW!

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    When umbrellas are outlawed....ah, you know how it goes.
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  3. Oh... here's one.... if it starts to rain, you can only legally deploy your umbrella if there is no other means of reatreat from the rain available!
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    The umbrella was most likely imported! Ban all imports of umbrellas until manufacturers design safety devices and serialized so all sales can be track

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    Quote Originally Posted by jameshd View Post
    An umbrella is a device not intended to cause bodily injury/death, even though it can be used as this type of device. It is therefore more dangerous than, for example, a gun or knife, which are designed specifically for those purposes. Therefore, there should be a thorough background check before a permit to carry one is issued, coupled with adequate training ( I think a two week course, eight hours a day would be essentially adequate). issuance of a permit to carry an umbrella could be either on a state or federal level; one who seldom leaves their residence state would obtain one through the state offices, and one who travels into many states would obtain the permit through federal offices. And carrying an umbrella would require strong supervision; supervisors would, of course, require additional training. Manufacture and sale of these devices would need an entire design and inspection system, with strong government control of both manufacture and sale. I believe we're talking about an entire new industry here, and we can get in on the ground floor!
    I get your point, but be careful the wording that you use.

    There are many firearms that are not intended to cause bodily injury/death. Target pistols, target rifles, plinkers, training firearms, etc. Also, many knives are not intended for that purpose either: fillet knives, steak knives, carpet knives, utility knives, etc.

    Your summation give the anti's fuel to demonize firearms and knives even though for some makes and models their intended use is not to harm.
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