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Thread: Any M&p owners out there??

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    Jezz oh Pete Problems aready !!!!!!

    got a M&P Pro 40 a little time back put 40 rounds throw it shot real good .i'll sign up ....................

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    Is there any more M&p owners on this forum? I only know of the other three in the M&P users group. If there are post some photos of your guns i would love to see them. Even if they are just the basic gun would still love to see them. Come join the M&P user group we need one more member so we can get our own forums under the users groups.
    The first real quality pistol I purchased was a M&P 9mm Pro Model. I was looking at the 9mm L, but the box they pulled off the shelf was the Pro. I have been very satisfied with it. Nice trigger, VERY accurate, pefectly reliable, and even impresses my friends !

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    What kinda problems did you have with them ??

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    Yeah, I own a full size m&p 40 just basic though, nothing special, I want to add a lazer to the hand grip, heard its expensive tho.
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    Own an MP40. Primary duty weapon when I worked in the projects in Chicago. Now,it goes with me on trips to the store,the Walgreens,ect ect. Nice weapon that takes getting used to.(I have SW 4006 and Beretta 96)as far as shooting discipline and trigger pull. But over all it is a fine handgun and SW provides some of the BEST customer service around should anything malf with the weapon.
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    M&P 9mm

    Just standard so the internet is full of pics of my pistol! I just joined the M&P group.

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    Does this qualify me? It is an M&P 15 with a Timney tactical trigger, DPMS bolt carrier group, new recoil buffer, Daniel Defense for-end, NcStar MK III Acgog style scope 2-7x32, Ergo Grip, Magpul battery assist device and angled fore grip. I have a piston system to put on it, and a new stock on the way with a new flash hider. So it is technically a work in progress, but it is still accurate out past 300 meters.

    Guess I am kinda the odd guy out here, I prefer my USP .40 Compact to the M&P 40C that I had. But I still own an M&P. lol
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    i have a m&p 40c where do i go to join ? where can i get pinky extension clips for my 40c ?

  10. I've read in several places that a phone call to Smith will net you free pinky extensions.
    S&W M&P 40

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    thank you moyockdiesel i will give it a try

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