Walmart sells DPMS for $617.00?
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Thread: Walmart sells DPMS for $617.00?

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    Walmart sells DPMS for $617.00?

    So I was in Walmart yesterday in New Hampshire and noticed that in the rifle rack they had a DPMS AR-15 for $617.00 dollars was wondering if anyone had any experience buying a rifle from there. Are the brands they claim to be selling legit or are they just cheap imitations?

  3. DPMS is an American company based in Minnesota. They make both military and civvy firearms, and the model you saw is their barebones panther "Sporticle" rifle. I have one that I picked up for the same price at KyGun co here in kentucky, and have only had one problem with it: Shooting cheap ammo quickly (have slide fire stocks...) can lead to foul-ups when laquered rounds build up in your chamber, causes the spent shell to stick instead of extracting. Spraying some lube in it during these periods will let you keep using it (again, this is after a couple hundred rounds being machine-gunned through it in a very short period of time). Really, this is more of a small complaint about ammo than the gun screwing up. Using US surplus green-tips (also found at wal-mart sometimes) doesnt cause this to happen for me.

    As for normal, semi-auto plinking, gun has always served me fine. Well, well worth the money. I have flip-up ironsights and a sightmark reflex sight on mine.

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    I purchased my AR15 Bushmaster from Walmart. They are legit.

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    Purchased my Sig m400 enhanced from Wallyworld. Legit.

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    Thanks for the input everyone. Looks like I'm going to Walmart tommorow.

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