2 Middle eastern men asking about elementry school access in southern Utah
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Thread: 2 Middle eastern men asking about elementry school access in southern Utah

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    2 Middle eastern men asking about elementry school access in southern Utah

    http://www.ksl.com/?sid=26514445&nid=148 Sorry, I don't know how to make it a link

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this thread. Moderators, feel free to move it as you deem appropriate. I put it here as an example of situational awareness perhaps paying off. Time will tell.
    2 men that appeared to be middle easterners (dang profiling, I know) wearing long sleeves and gloves were asking a restaurant worker about a local elementary school. That started the wheels turning. Then they went to the school and asked the principal how they could gain access to other elementary schools. More wheels. Someone took down their license plate and they were detained in California and questioned by the FBI and homeland security before being released.

    They had not broken any laws so I can see why they were not detained longer but I can't help wondering if it was a couple of thugs casing a soft target. I have not been able, with my limited brain power to come up with another explanation why they want "access" to multiple elementary schools. Possibilities I've come up with:

    1 They want to check out how good the schools are for a family member planning on moving there but they could find excellent information on the net and save a long drive. And what's up with the gloves? Temperatures were over 100 degrees. I could believe one has a medical condition but both?? Finger print concerns?
    2 Help me out here folks, I'm about out of ideas, harmless ideas anyway.

    IF (fairly big IF) they were bad guys they learned a couple of things. Strangers asking those kinds of questions in any small USA are going to bring about attention. Strangers that seem out of place - well, same thing.

    Another lesson learned? They learned how to get high on the watch list of both the FBI and homeland security. They learned they don't blend in very well. They learned they can get a pretty big reaction from what they probably considered fairly discreet questioning.

    The reaction was that a major search was put out for the guys. Every elementary and secondary school in town had a police presence for a few days. Several parents kept their kids home from school. It was a pretty big deal.

    By the way, they might want to keep looking for a soft target if that is what they were doing. A significant number of those teachers are packing. And a hell of a lot of the citizenry.

    No reports of what came from the questioning in California yet. We may never know. Could have been harmless stupidity, but better to be aware and armed.
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    I am surprised they were even stopped, sounds like profiling to me. Usually they would let them do something, them make excuses for them to justify any crime.
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    Questioned in Kalifornia? Don't hold your breath. If they'd have been questioned in Utah or most other states, it might have raised a red flag. But there? No. They're too worried about hurting feelings.
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