Starbucks - more anti's stirring the pot
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Thread: Starbucks - more anti's stirring the pot

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    Talking Starbucks - more anti's stirring the pot

    Gun-control group wants boycott of Starbucks on Saturday - Strange Bedfellows ? Politics News

    My wife thinks its another good opportunity to show our support. We'll be at our local one for a bit. I typically CC, but Sat will be an OC day.

  3. Me too

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    Can't open carry in Texas but will be there.

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    I am going, with a stack of $2 bills.

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    I don't believe in boycotts so please show support for Starbucks. Besides I like their coffee; and it'll make the lines shorter.

    I don't try to change the behavior of the liberal anti gun people and force them to carry. But they want to force everyone to conform to their ideas. And in my part of the country they are strange Ideas. As long as my behavior conforms to the Constitution, God's law, and harms no one, just stay out of my business.

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