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    While working my way through college as a roughneck in the oilfields I parked my camper in the middle of an valley and the only entertainment I had was shooting with my Walther P-38. This was so long ago that nobody I knew ever used hearing protection. At least the thought never even entered my mind. I remember one day after shooting most the day that my ears rang for a couple of months.

    I now have poor hearing (duh) and have 4 ear muffs 1 of which is electronic but now I wear Sport Ear nearly all the time. They fit in my ear and are hardly noticeable, have 4 settings and offer great protection as well as enhanced hearing for a variety of situations. They even have a hunter setting so you can hear game approaching. The bad news is that I paid around $1,800 to $2,000 for them. I can't remember exactly how much. They have some for far less but I wanted the hearing aid feature as well. They are custom fit and digitally programmed specifically to fill in for my damaged hearing. ONly problem is identifying where sounds are coming from. That takes some getting used to.
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    I've shot without hearing protection between 1962 and 1986. After that it has always been with hearing protection. Work on a good day was ear muffs only. On a bad day it was ear plugs and earmuffs. 108 to 123Db continuous trains you not to forget them. Haven't tried the electronic ones yet.
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    Electronic muffs are for conversation, they do nothing to protect your hearing beyond standard ear muffs.

    Most of the electronic are rated at 20 - 25 db. I prefer to use my 30db Peltor, to protect what hearing I have left (living and working aboard an aircraft carrier, then 30 years of driving firetrucks)
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