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Thread: WWII Vet Beaten to death.

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    I can't believe that this piece of crap murderer is claiming an 88 year man was involoved in a crack deal. These thugs were well known drug dealers. And Delbert was not only a hero 70 years ago, he has led an exemplary life for all the intervening time since. He was liked and admired by everyone who knew him. The world would have been a better place if these young criminals had never been born. And society would greatly improved if they are permanently removed.

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    Due process, conviction, and sentencing of being beating by 80 year olds with MAG Lite flashlights. If they live through it, then sentence is completed.
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    Yeah, that charge about the crack had no legs. Summarily dismissed as a desperate justification by the cops. Unbelievable that the kid thought that such a charge would somehow exonerate him. What the he!! kind of jury does he think he will face. A group of thugs that will think that it's fine to kill someone if they get stiffed for crack?
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