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  1. Trayvon Martin was an attempted murderer. No amount of racial stupidity and ignorance will change that fact, or the facts of Zimmerman's trial when he was acquitted. Martyr? Martin Luther King Jr. was a martyr. Trayvon Martin was pond scum compared to Dr. King. I find it interesting that the black community right up to the criminal administration and white house has somehow latched onto this thug as their poster child for inequality and racism. Even Oprah is shouting the race card from the highest mountain tops. These Hollywood phonies must be so self absorbed, their buffoonery doesn't even occur to them!

    Un-effin'-believable. I know and have educated black friends in my community. They have disdain for Trayvon and his Obama court jesters and race baiters.

    The blatant stupidity of the occupants of the White House, Eric Holder, Jesse, Sharpton, and hundreds of others is a direct result of racially inciting murderous gangs to prey on white people.

    Martyr my ass. He was an attempted murderer and thug. The fact the black (and white!) mentally deficient vulnerable people in ghetto neighborhoods have risen to the level of violence speaks volumes and tomes about this administrations' modus operandi. Utter fools in ivory towers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimTh View Post
    Those words were spoken by Julian Bond yesterday at the 50th anniversary of the King March. I watched the original King march in 1963 on television. I was 13 yo and my folks thought us kids should see what was going on. I remember how sad it was when Medgar Evers was assassinated, how someone killed those kids daddy. I had black friends in Hawaii in the mid 60's while obama was still crapping green stuff in his diapers. But like his grandmother I am a typical white person and Travon Martin is a martyr. This country is now officially down the toilet.
    THIS is an example of who the so-called "black leaders" are and what they are all about. From race baiters like Bond to Colin Powell, who has recently had his chance to spill out his bile to the more esteemed like Oprah, who, when push comes to shove will toss you off a cliff in favor of anyone black. It truly is a shame because there are many blacks who are decent and well-meaning, but even most of them will, in a heart beat, vote for our narcissistic moslem socialist leader ONLY because he is black, without a second thought that he is destroying this country.
    All I can do is vote my one vote, but I can tell you with a certainty and I have said this before on these forums--"I AM NOT A SHEEP" and if someone comes to my house to forcibly tell me to do something ala Germany 1930 "SOMEONE WILL GO TO HELL BEFORE I GO TO HEAVEN"

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    Hope his reward is,"Rivers of hot sauce, & 72 AIDS infected sista's."

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    Life ain't nuttin' but bitches N money!

    Thug reaped what he sewed. Color is of no consequence...
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezkl2230 View Post
    According to the spinmeisters, he represented a inner-city African-American culture that white folks are completely incapable of understanding and appreciating.
    I'm an inner-city Black and I neither understand nor appreciate nor WANT to understand or appreciate what that fat imbecile Rachael Jenteal tells us was his "culture". Certainly I have no greater desire to "understand" or "appreciate" it than I do to "understand" or "appreciate" the equally pathological and defective "White nationalist" "culture".

    Trayvon Martin was as much a dimwitted buffoon as any member of the National Alliance.

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    This new black culture is on the verge of creating a large number of "martyrs" by advertising that they want to kill whites. The creep from DHS with the web site urging blacks to be ready to kill whites is a good example of the lunacy that now prevails. The gangstas should realize that very few people are going to stand still while they are trying to kill or harm them. That is why I carry my gun in the first place. I don't want to harm anyone but neither do I want to be harmed. I don't have a fast draw but I do have very good aim!

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    Facts nor the truth ever get in the way of the race industry nor lib-o-rats. The lib-o-rats think they will be safe if they talk nice and agree with Jackson and Sharpton. But unless they can change their color of their skin they will end up holding the short end of the stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanimator View Post
    I'm an inner-city Black and I neither understand nor appreciate nor WANT to understand or appreciate what that fat imbecile Rachael Jenteal tells us was his "culture". Certainly I have no greater desire to "understand" or "appreciate" it than I do to "understand" or "appreciate" the equally pathological and defective "White nationalist" "culture".

    Trayvon Martin was as much a dimwitted buffoon as any member of the National Alliance.
    Here is the difference. The "white culture" absolutely insists on punishing any white person that does what they did to James Byrd. The death penalty was not enough retribution for those aholes. One of them has already been executed. Governor Perry, the Texas governor that is being branded a racist by every idiot that can talk, was the guy that igned the death warrant and refused clemency to the scum bag. Even George Bush, the so called racist of "Katrina" was satisfied with the death sentence for the killers of James Byrd. But I am a racist because I thought OJ Simpson was guilty, because I think Obama is an idiot. By the way, I also thought bill Clinton was an idiot. But I am not a racist because I thought De la Beckith finally got his justice but I am a racist because I thought Zimmerman was not guilty. You are talking about a white nationalist culture...what POTUS ever stood up and lionized a white dude that was killed in an act of self defense by a black dude? There is a big is black entitlement to do whatever their little hearts desire and have it excused by the president. The discussion doesn't need to be about race needs to be about whatobama and holder are trying to accomplish. It should be as clear as glass that Obama is working feverishly to divide Americns along racial lines, but why? Why would he want race violence? What could he accomplish? Could he possibly turn DHS loose on his detractors? Could he declare a state of martial law and federalize every state national guard? I do not dare trust obama? This country is not only in the toilet, it is on the verge of a race explosion.

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    Bad news for them if they try. They will lose.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    I tend to be suspiscious of a young black kid wearing his pants around his thighs with his underwear showing, with an oversized hoodie pulled over his head.I am convinced they think it's intimidating to whites to dress that way. ( Looks pretty gay to me ! )
    So, if it looks like a hood, walks like a hood, it must be a hood. By their very appearance they admit they're up to no good. It is part of their culture to dress differently than the rest of us. You never hear of a black kid robbing someone wearing khakis & a University sweat shirt.

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