Travon Martin is a martyr
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Thread: Travon Martin is a martyr

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    Travon Martin is a martyr

    Those words were spoken by Julian Bond yesterday at the 50th anniversary of the King March. I watched the original King march in 1963 on television. I was 13 yo and my folks thought us kids should see what was going on. I remember how sad it was when Medgar Evers was assassinated, how someone killed those kids daddy. I had black friends in Hawaii in the mid 60's while obama was still crapping green stuff in his diapers. But like his grandmother I am a typical white person and Travon Martin is a martyr. This country is now officially down the toilet.

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    we need to respond to this kind of BS every time these aholes say it.
    TRAYVON MARTIN WAS A COMMON THUG, a product of a dysfunctional family that let the ghetto streets rear him. he lived a thugs life and died a thugs death.

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    Trayvon Martin was a martyr to his own stupidity and that of those who enabled him instead of forcing him to grow up and be a civilized man.

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    Thanks to The Great Uniter we have reigning over us, we are now keeping score. Each non-black that is murdered by a black drives the wedge a little deeper. One of these days, a non-black will be properly prepared and kill one of these attackers in self defense, or respond with hate/anger and commit murder, Jesse and Al will whip "their people" into a frenzy, and the battle will be on. Our king and queen will rub their hands together with glee as he orders DHS to lock and load those new "defense rifles" with the millions of rounds of ammo they've been gobbling up...
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    Wow. Talk about lowering the standards for martyrdom. I guess if he's a martyr, that makes Zimmerman a downright saint.
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    What exactly was the cause he represented?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisdrummer View Post
    What exactly was the cause he represented?
    Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.--- John Quincy Adams
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisdrummer View Post
    What exactly was the cause he represented?
    According to the spinmeisters, he represented a inner-city African-American culture that white folks are completely incapable of understanding and appreciating. This was best illustrated in the Piers Morgan interview with TM's girlfriend, who said that Zimmerman was to blame because, "...They don't understand, they understand -- he was just bashed or he was killed. When somebody bashes like blood people, trust me, the area I live, that's not bashing. That's just called whoop ass. You do that (INAUDIBLE). That's what it is." When Morgan asked her about TM looking like a thug in the pictures he posed of himself, she was quick to correct him: "...They need to know a definition of a thug, to be judging a person -- well, a teenager, mind you a teenager, could post anything, even I post anything to just brag. Just to brag.

    MORGAN: You mean the stuff on social media?

    JEANTEL: Yes. MORGAN: The Facebook and so on.

    JEANTEL: That's just brag, it's not true."

    So a teenager posting these things isn't a thug, he's just bragging.

    See how little we understand? Zimmerman was just supposed to take his whoopa** and understand that TM didn't really want to kill him, well, according to his girlfriend, maybe someone giving a whoopa** DOES want to kill you, but you have to be from the culture to really know what their intentions are, because sometimes a whoopa** is just to teach you a lesson, but other times when you "like blood people" they really ARE trying to kill you. Did you get that? And he really wasn't a thug, showing pictures of himself with guns and other stuff, he was just bragging.

    In case somebody thinks I'm deliberately screwing up what she said to make her look like an idiot, here is a link to the transcript: - Transcripts

    He died a martyr to the gangsta culture

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    Travon Martin is a dead thug. Period.
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