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Thread: Most popular "Home Defense/Range" pistols/revolvers.

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    My HDG is a Sig P250C .40 Backup to that is a Beretta 92FS
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  3. I keep a S&W full-sized 6 shot J frame by my wife's side of the bed (she just loves her "wheel guns" ) and on my side there's a Sig P226 9mm with rail mounted tac-light for those midnight "bumps" that need investigating. As far as EDC, I like my Sig (without the light) because I have gotten use the feel of it and since I'm a slim guy, I can carry it in an IWB or OWB holster covered with a t-shirt no problem......Of course, in a HD situation in which I have enough time, I'm goin for my Bennelli!

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    In order 45, 870 pump, Coach gun both 12GA with combo of slug and buck, Body armor.

  5. Home defense gun is a Glock 22 (.40) and a Mossberg 590A1 12 ga. pump if necessary.

    Carry gun is a Springfield Armory XD-S .45 Bi-Tone.

    I practice with all of them regularly.

    Future purchases include an AR or a Glock 27 (again .40) or possibly something for the wife if she ever gets interested in getting something for herself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cluznar View Post
    Here are a few of my top choices for home defense:

    Bersa Thunder Pro HC 9mm
    Stoeger Cougar 9mm
    Beretta PX4 Storm full size 9mm
    Ruger SR9 full size 9mm
    S&W MP9 full size 9mm

    As you can see I am a 9mm guy. I believe a full size gun is best for Home defense.
    My choice and what is in our quick access safe is the Beretta PX4 Storm full size 9mm 17+1 safety off, but a long double action trigger pull for the first shot. The rotating barrel results in very little felt recoil and it is the favourite 9mm of my wife and kids so I am confident that they could use it effectively if I was unable to. Mossberg 500 12 gauge Tactical Persuader with #4 buckshot in the long gunsafe.

    Stoeger Cougar 9mm is an older model that the Px4 was based on, is $100 less and made in Turkey. Just spend the extra $100 for the newer design made in USA Beretta Px4.
    Bersa Thunder Pro HC 9mm is a heavier and less refined hammer fired pistol. Nothing wrong with Bersa, I have a Thunder 380CC for EDC, but why not get the best for home defense.

    While I am not a fan of striker fired pistols, I'd recommend the S&W MP9 over the Ruger SR9 as it has better grip comfort and ergonomic controls. I'd also take a Glock 17 over the SR9.

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    EDC Sig C3 .45ACP, Home defense starts with the same gun if someone has made it in the house. Otherwise home defense starts with a rifle in the .30 range or rifle in the 9mm range. 30+ rounds makes for better chances to end well for me and bad for them. Range guns are the S&W 9mm and .45 and the russian guns.
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    EDC and home defense pistol are the same... G23 or G22 Glock (.40 cal)

    However, there is also the pump shotgun (not a pistol though).

    The pistol I train with, I carry, and use for home defense. So, yes, I train with my home defense weapon.
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