Advice for a teenager who wants to become a gunsmith?
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Thread: Advice for a teenager who wants to become a gunsmith?

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    Question Advice for a teenager who wants to become a gunsmith?

    I spent some time searching but didn't turn up any discussions on this, apologies if I missed it.

    My teenage son wants to be a gunsmith. He is starting a vocational-technical program this Fall for precision machining with an eye toward gunsmithing, so we're getting there. I know there are many gunsmiths here in the community and I'm wondering if you can share some advice I can pass on to my son.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would recommend he go to a hands on gunsmith school NRA Short-Term Gunsmithing Schools
    And try to get a job with a gun manufacturer.

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    The vocational-technical program for precision machining is a great starting point.

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    Thanks for the replies. We'd looked into the NRA short-term schools, and I think that might be in his future. The idea of working for a manufacturer is one I hadn't given much thought to since I'm not sure how many manufacturers there are in Washington state. (I only know of Olympic Arms off hand) I'll start looking into that.

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    Pennsylvania Gunsmith School: Pittsburgh PA

    One of the best in the country and world renowned.
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