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    Ruger lcr 38

    I am on my second loctite application to the Button Retaining Screw (item 28). The first time it was almost in the lost condition. Ruger wanted me to return it but I put some blue loctite on it and it probably made 200 rounds and was loose again. I put more loctite on and haven't had a chance to fire it again. Anybody else have this problem?

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    If Ruger wanted you to send it back, and they were going to fix it, why didn't you? They had a Recall on my LCP I sent it to them and it was returned back to me in 7 days!

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    At the time I needed to qualify with it. Now it's my best conceal for this time of year. I also talked to their rep and they suggested I try the loctite I'm trying it a second time. When fall gets here I will probably send it in if the problem continues. I was wondering if I was the only one as is the usual case on things I buy.

  5. Can you take a pic of the area? I have the lcr .357 and want to be sure to keep an eye on it. I cc this, have practiced with this when I first got it...
    But now mainly practice with my s&w .357,

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    It's just under the release button and aft of the cylinder in that slot. Takes a very small common screwdriver.
    This forum won't let me upload a .pdf file. It's in the owners manuel or from item 28. If you can't find it, I will print and copy it to a file I can upload. Couldn't miss mine, it was about three turns from gettling lost. I had Ruger send me another just in case.

  7. Thanx... I will be sure to keep an eye on this area. I am somewhat new to the lcr and made the purchase for cc... As I have a s&w for home protection.

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    Curious....what is the month/year of manufacture of your LCR? I have an April 2013 LCR .38 (no problem to date)

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    I don't know exactly, I got it in May so it should be not long before that.

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