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Thread: Fumes from military small arms lead to decline in lung function

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    Quote Originally Posted by vernsimpson View Post
    I have to question this "so called" study. I have heard things from numerous studies that something is bad for you or will shorten your life. Then a few years later I hear the very same thing has good benefits for you.

    I have been conducting a study myself and have been thinking of applying for a grant for it. My study is this. I am on the path to proving that EVERYONE who has ever died has breathed oxygen!!!
    Do not forget bus drivers who breathe fumes, cab drivers who breathe fumes, factory workers who breathe fumes, pedestrians who breathe fumes----shall I go on? And someone spent money on this study, when all they had to do was ask vernsimpson and me.

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    As someone who has been exposed to chemicals, studies often come too late for the people involved. By the time they are out, the people exposed no longer can avoid becoming a statistic.
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    I spent my last 15 yrs in the Air Force as a firearms instructor. Retired in 03. I now have sarcoidosis in my spine so bad I can't work and standing for 5 minutes is excruciating. It started in my lung and then attacked my spine. Although the VA says it was not service connected I wonder if it may have been caused by chemicals used on my job. Probably will never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    I like the smell of my range bag. My wife doesn't like the smell of my clothes or me, after a range session. Of course, she also goes to the range, and I never complain about how she smells. Oh no! Not goin' there!
    Perfect example of using your head.
    Commenting on her smell following range day may lead to no wife on range day. I like it when my wife Wants to go to the range.

    Good call brother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rev. dave View Post
    And maybe it's the 'later' part that'll get you gunnerbob. Some things aren't immediately apparent as damage - Gulf War Syndrome, e.g. Trust me on this - I've got that 'later damage' from events that I thought for a long time hadn't harmed me.

    That's why every time I fill out a medical questionnaire from the VA I ALWAYS state that I was exposed to asbestos. That way, if years later I develop an asbestos related illness the VA cannot claim that I denied being exposed.

    I had that happen when I filed a claim for tinnitus. I had 37 questionnaires where I stated that I had "ringing" in my ears but on one form I had checked "no" and the VA used the one form as grounds to deny my claim.

    5 years later and a hearing with a Veterans' Law Judge I claim for tinnitus was granted.

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    ...And saliva causes cancer...but only when taken in small amounts over a long period of time. Everybody's got to die of something.
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    Ah ! The smell of Gun Powder in the morning, afternoon, or evening what could be better !!!

  9. Actually, I like the range smell. But, not to worry. Having fresh air blowing powder, lead, & smoke particulate away will not eliminate the smell. :-)

    Like *anything*, it's probably an issue with amount and frequency that can cause problems.

    A little lead dust - no problem.
    A little coal dust - no problem.
    A little smoke - no problem.
    A little water - no problem.

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