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Thread: MI school threatens to incite panic and hold education hostage....

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    So not only is the school board going to incite panic in students and their parents and hold their education hostage, it is also going to hold the Sheriff's Department hostage as well. Initiating a lockdown procedure generally requires law enforcement to roll all available units, meaning that deputies who would otherwise be available to roll on more important calls will instead be tied up by the school district's theatrics.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    Here's a thought... how about leaving the gun in the car when entering the school for five friggin minutes. Forget the law. How about some common sense. Guns in schools scare the crap out of people who don't know guns or the law. It merely invites more accusations of lunacy. Stop feeding the liberals' agenda. To carry into the school on the off-chance that your will be attacked in the next five minutes is a bit paranoid.
    Here's a thought.... why should he put himself and others at increased risk from a negligent discharge due to handling his gun when it is not required by law to do so? Why should he leave his gun stored in an unoccupied vehicle when it is not required by law to do so? Why is it not enough that he just obey the requirements of the law?
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    I am a high school teacher in PA. We have good firearms laws compared to most states, but they are still not Constitutional in my book. PA laws say that one cannot carry in a school except for legal purposes and as far as I know, no licensed holder has tried to press what "legal purposes" mean.

    However, when I saw your OP and it said 'Drug Free Zone' and 'Weapons Free Zone', I just chuckled.

    Our school has the "Drug Free Zone" signs too and every time I go by them, I snicker... question, then why do all the counselors have drug testing equipment? If it's the law no one will do or have drugs in school, right? And no one will ever carry a firearm in a school that is "weapons free", right?

    Let's examine the word weapon too? Does this school have scissors? How about a stapler? Does this school have textbooks? chairs? desks? fists? elbows? teeth? knees? Are all these people going to be removed for carrying these items as well? Or does the word 'weapon' only mean firearms? How about a pocket knife? Do the lunch ladies have kitchen knives? Are they banned now too?

    I LOATHE 'zero' tolerance language.
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  5. Seems to me that getting us to stop engaging in legal behavior IS the liberal agenda. So it's you, Kalamity023, who is playing into their hands with that suggestion. And carrying for that 5 minutes isn't 'paranoid', it's the reason to carry a gun - because you can't plan for when you will need it. Sure, odds are against the need - but would you bet your or your kid's life that you could run to the car and come back with your gun, without your kid being shot or being shot yourself if some whack-job rolled in there with a gun? That's what you just suggested.

  6. My apologies Kalamity023. It was BC1 that my prior reply was intended for, and I got tricked by seeing your handle in the quote. I'm sorry.

    Do we have a moderator who can edit my first post to be a response to BC1?????????

  7. What needs to happen in cases like this where they prevent law abiding "watch dogs" being available to prevent or stop a criminal with a gun from committing a crime, the ones who prevented them should be charged as accessories before the fact along with the criminal. When they are establishing those policies those voting on them should be notified that in the event of such a crime they can and will be charged!

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    The chances of an attack during that 5 mins may be slim. But by just giving into them, and rolling over like a dog is another layer of our rights being stripped away. As the old saying goes, "it's a matter of principal". As some one stated MI is under preemption, so if like here in WA city's, county's, and municipalities can't make up rules as they go. Heck the guy might even be able to get some money out of it if he sues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    ......To carry into the school on the off-chance that your will be attacked in the next five minutes is a bit paranoid.
    Want to tell that to the schools in Columbine or Sandy Hook? 5 minutes is an eternity when there is an active shooter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    Typical overreaction by the anti-gun education system.
    Unfortunately, this is the new normal.

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    Take the school board to court for circumventing the pre-emption law!!!!

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