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    Hello Everyone! Been thinking about a new handgun. Something to carry on me. Really like the Springfield XDM-9. My wife has a Glock 19. So I could reload for both and not have to buy more dies, shell holders, etc. Does anyone have an XDM? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I have an XDM 3.8" in .40 in the family. Shoots very well, is very well balanced. I don't carry it but, with a flush mag I can imagine it would be great. The grip safety takes some getting used to in terms of when you have to clear the chamber you have to have a full grip on the pistol but otherwise is a nice feature. They are nice guns. Although I have a G19 and G22 and I do like both of those as well.
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    If you're thinking of an XDm in 9mm, look hard at the 3.8" compact version. Very similar in size to the G19, easily concealable with the flush mag (IMHO, add a Pearce grip extension for better control... I'm not a fan of my pinky hanging below the baseplate), and can't beat the 19rd capacity of the extended mag. Little heavier than the G19, and bore axis is a bit higher, but simply a pleasure to shoot with very little recoil. Points very naturally for me (better than a Glock in my hands), and feels like a naturally extension of my body.

    I own both a 3.8" compact 45ACP and 9mm, as well as their XDs single stack counterparts. Carry all IWB comfortably, and couldn't be more pleased with my SA family. I like the grip safety, as it's an unobtrusive way to add another active safety mechanism, along with the trigger safety, and other passive mechanisms. I could go on and on... any specific questions, don't hesitate to message. As always, try to hold and shoot one before you buy.

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    I carry an XDM .40 3.8 almost everyday. I absolutely love this gun. However, w/ the 16 round magazine the grip can be a little bit to conceal. It is very accurate & w/ the safety features such as the grip depression safety, round & striker indicators I am comfortable carrying it. I can only imagine the 9mm would be just as great.

  6. I carry a XDm 9mm 3.8" everyday. It has the extended mag, 19 rounds, which can be a little harder to conceal but really not that big of a deal. If I had a chance to purchase again I may have bought the 13 round version which you can get extended mags.

    I've got about 1000 rounds through it so far and it eats everything I feed it. Remington Golden Saber, Wolf, TulAmmo, reloads. It's very accurate, great grip, smooth action.

    You can't go wrong with the XDm.
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  7. I shot my son-in-law's XDM compact last weekend. First thing I did was stovepipe it. I'm used to shooting full sized 9's and didn't hold it tight enough. Corrected that and did well with the rest of the mag. I'd sure choose an XDM over a Glock every time. My cousin has a matched set of full sized XDM in 9mm, 40, and 45. I found the 45 much easier to shoot than any 45 I've handled in the past. I've bought heavily into the Ruger line but if I was starting over, I'd probably go with the XD(?) something.

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    I purchased my first handgun almost a year ago. I tried several different guns and rented them at a gun range and basically did a process of elimination until I ended up with the XDM 3.8 Compact 9mm. I now carry this gun IWB with a N82Tactical holster (professional model). At first I thought this compact even with the smaller magazine was just a bit too big for CC. For my first handgun I was looking for something that I really liked and was able to shoot well with. CC was not my concern at the time but I did decide on the compact so it would be an option. I am now getting used to it and I am able to comfortable CC all day; I think part of that is due to a great N82 holster. I really like this gun and I would recommend it to anyone as well as the holster.

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    Why not consider another Glock 19 (or 26) for yourself? Along with the bullets, your mags will be universal too.

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    Xdm very reliable easy to shoot. I love al of the xd models. Can't go wrong

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    I have a 3.8 compact .40. I tested several guns at the range prior to purchasing this one. I was actually going to buy a different gun until my dad convinced me to try one more. He own a couple of the XD series. The XDM immediately felt right in my hand and I shot better with it then any of the others. Has a great price comes with 2 mags, cable lock, paddle holster, and speed loader. You can't go wrong. But get out and shoot some first.

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