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Thread: Best weapon for home Self Defense

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    I have a Mossburg 500 tactical with a 15 1/2" barrell and folding stock, great for HD. As I live in a condo apartment I use #2 shot.

  3. I have two H&R Pardner pump protectors. Both loaded with military grade 00 buckshot.
    They are a clone of the Remington 870 and can be bought at Walmart or Duhams sports for under $200.
    Most of the Remington 870 accessories fit them. I put pistol grips on both of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior1256 View Post
    I have a Mossburg 500 tactical with a 15 1/2" barrell and folding stock, great for HD. As I live in a condo apartment I use #2 shot.
    Good thinking. Works well in-close and reduces the chance of an innocent getting clipped. I don't have any neighbors within range so I use a little more punch, even a couple slugs in the tube. The only drawback to shotguns is there's a lot of drywall to fix afterwards.

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    My HD shotgun is a Coach double barrel 12 ga w/20" barrels, using 00 buck.

    Works for me.

    "A free people should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from anyone, including their own government. ~ G. Washington

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    I like the remington 870 express tactical blackhawk in 20 ga with either a good buck shot or winchester defense elite round. For intimidation, racking a round into the chamber of a pump action shotgun is quite effective. My XD-S .45 should also get the job done.

  7. I never have been a fan of the shotgun for a primary home defense weapon. Turns and corners being the main reason. Round capacity (for the normal shotgun that is) is my second. I mean when I think about what I want to use (or not use) for home defense, I think about what I would rather the person I'm fighting against to have or not have. I'd rather go up against a shotgun over a pistol any day. If I can sneak up on him around a corner I can probably grab the gun and push it away or hold it away from me. If I can get him to waste 5 or so shots, he probably out (vs 15 or so with some pistols), plus reloading a shotgun is much slower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_fire View Post
    Get the cheapest most reliable 12 ga you can find and cut that barrel down as short as possible so you can still control it. You will not need a lot of aim in such a short trajectory. I would also screw a short piece of a turned chair leg to the forend pump so that way you can pump it quickly for follow up shots and it gives you another handhold for added control.
    You might want mention what kind of hacksaw he should use for his barrel modification as well as the minimum legal barrel length for a shotgun. You post this kind of nonsense and then you wonder why I question your intelligence.

  9. Any shotgun out there is enough. Once an intruder here the gun rack, that should be enough.
    Also, get a dog, as they will wake you up. Dont kid yourself, unless you have something to alert you you arent getting up in time to think. And when you have kids, or even a roomate, make sure you train them to identify themselves whenever they come in the house.

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    Pretty good replies that cover many options. I have an 18 inch/12g Pardner Pump--inexpensive exact replica of Rem 870 (around $200 and I have never had an issue at the range)--I even use the Rem 870 manual as a guide. You do not need a lot of fancy crap if this is close home defense--that is the purpose of having the shotgun--this is not going to be skeet shooting. I do agree with Reply #9 by Nick--use #4 buckshot and not 00 buckshot if this is for close home defense. It is easy to pick 00 because it is devastating and just sounds right but do a lot of reading and you will appreciate that devastating is not what you need--00 can devastate more than just the BG; #4 will definitely end the BG's fun---it will put more shot in the BG and cause less collateral damage in the confines of a home.

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    I picked #4 buck based on the 82' distance from my front porch to the bedroom window of the neighbors kid across the street as measured by my construction laser. 00 Buck may over penetrate or a miss would be bad news for my neighbors. #4 Buck has less chance of overpenetration yet still gets the job done

    YMMV if you live out in the country and favour 00 or 000 buck go for it. If your live in a condo and want to use BB shot I won't dis you for that either.

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