What is a decent rifle for a first time uses?
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Thread: What is a decent rifle for a first time uses?

  1. Question What is a decent rifle for a first time uses?

    What would y'all recommend as a first rifle for my son? He will be hunting with some trusted friends and I want to get him his own rifle for his birthday. He is going to be 18 so I don't need a youth gun. I am familiar with handguns, but I don't hunt at all so I am lost in this realm. Thank you to everyone for your help!!!!

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    What is he hunting?
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    It would help if we knew what he is going to hunt.

    Rabbits and squirrels probably a shotgun.
    Coyotes and prairie dogs probably a .223
    Deer takes a .243 up. (Slug shotgun in some states)

    The Make and Model he will want is subjective to his and your individual taste.

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  5. It would probably be worthwhile taking your son around to a couple of different stores so he can try out a few and find something that really fits him....

    We need to know what he is planning on hunting, and where...because some states have regulations on caliber for different species... here in mn for instance if you are deer hunting you cant even use a rifle for deer in about half the state, you are required to use a shotgun with slugs.... or if you can use your rifle it must be over .22 cal and be center fire.... kinda small in my opinion but.... i like the .308 and .300 win good all around caliber deer elk hog....bear if thats your thing.... .243 is the lightest cal i would go for deer.... anyway now that im done rambling...

    my favorites'

    for a light target and small game rifle
    I love my ruger 10/22 all sorts of things he can do to personalize it... great lil shooter accurate and dependable...
    for deer my fav is the remington 700 in 308 for (bolt action).... also browning BAR in .300 (semi-auto)its a bit heavy for white tale but well you dont have to track them very far.... both nice shooters very few problems

    then there are the ar's and ak's not really made for hunting but they work i have a few cousins that love the sks and the ar-10's but the way i see it if you cant hit the deer in the first shot well the other 19-29 are not going to get it either....

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    i dont know whats he hunting would surely come to a conclusion on the track

  7. Lol I never even considered the various type of hunting. I just don't hunt!!! He is going deer hunting and then if our friends are lucky enough to win a license in the lottery he will go Moose hunting with them. The rules for moose hunting are so strict I am not to worried about him having a shotgun for this, but he will want his own for the deer hunting. Thankyou

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    My first recommendation would be getting on site with your states's hunting rules and regulations. This will let you know what seasons your state has for certain game. It will also let you know what types of weapons are allowed for which seasons. Ask your son what types of game and in what season he would like to participate in. This will at least narrow your search as to what type of firearm you will need.

    From there go to the gun shop and let the dealer know that your son wants to get into hunting ___fill in the blank____. The gun shop will be well-versed (hopefully) in what rifles/shotguns would be best for the particular type of game your son is wanting to go after.

    Best wishes.
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    What is a decent rifle for a first time uses?

    Good answer wolf. I might look at few gun ranges as they have different rifles that you could rent and try. Then go from there. Good luck

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    For a moose a Mosin Nagant would be a good inexpensive choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golddigger14s View Post
    For a moose a Mosin Nagant would be a good inexpensive choice.
    No way. Horrible idea. Where are you going to get a reliable hunting round that is big enough to take down a moose?

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