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    I just got a Ruger LCR in .357mag and like most people like to find out about accessories, ammunition, and general tips when starting out with a new weapon so I started this thread so LCR owners can share information and potential buyers can make more informed decisions.

    For the .357 I got a Bianchi model 77 belt holster in black and it fits great if not a little snug like most new leather holsters tend to be. Plan to get a Blackhawk size 4 pocket holster next.

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    My wife and I carry a pair of LCRs in 38 spl+P. I would suggest that you shood a few rounds of 38 spl before using full .357 Mag. A friend has a .357, and he says it is a handful, and he is not a small wimpy guy, and he also shoots quite a bit. We love the gun, and we shoot 148 gr full wad cutters all the time, and also carry the same ammo.
    I am old and slow, BUT dead on with my aim!!

  4. I cc the LCR .357, while I agree that the full .357 ammo is a bit of a pound to the hand. I practice with 38, but cc .357 Hornaday Critical Defense.
    I am 5'3", in reasonable shape. If I ever need to fire in self defense the extra fire power against someone who may be hopped up on drugs.
    Although I mostly practice with 38 I do shoot several rounds of the .357. I had seen a lot of U-tube videos, blogs etc that kind of made me question buying a .357 becuz of the recoil, after buying one and actually firing it - it's not that bad. I thought by some of the reviews it was gonna take my hand off from recoil. That said I wouldn't want to fire more than 10 - 15 rounds of the full on .357 ammo. Much more comfortable to practice with the 38's. I have the BIANCHI model 77 ruger lcr holster. I am considering the flashbang if its made for a LCR.

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    I have my bucket of holsters and I like the blackhawk pocket the best for CC. I carry the LCR in .38.

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    LCR .38 spl+P In this holster. You can take the clip off and just slip it in your pocket. So easy, almost no excuse to leave home without it!

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