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    Maybe I am color blind, but I am not seeing pink bullets there. Just pink ink on the cardboard box they come in.
    The tips are supposedly pink. I don't see much difference in color than the regular critical defense rounds either.

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    It is a reduced recoil 90gr version of the critical defense bullet with a pink flex tip. Supposedly stings less when fired from small .38 revolvers like the S&W airweight.

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    Pink Bullets?!

    I'm not sure I really see the point. I don't have any problem firing .38 out of my S&W Airweight. .357 stings like something else but .38 is really pretty mild.

  5. My wife didn't want her Taurus 85 or any .38 with pink grip. Same goes for the 90gr. Hornady. Bought her an aftermarket Hogue grip and she shoots the 100 or 110 gr. Hornady critical defense for SD.

    Good cause, however, but don't want a BG to see the neon pink sidearm and tips. I prefer (as does my wife) a bit more stealth.
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