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I do not see how requesting, banning, or passing laws is considered remaining neutral. Do you still feel they are gun neutral?
Considering everything, I think the CEO is anti-gun. However, he is not selling out to the anti crowd as deeply as he could for purely capitalist reasons. Don't mistake my use of the word capitalist as being in any way derogatory, It is simply remaining a businessman, before whatever his anti-gun beliefs are.
I think we may be arguing the same side here, so here is the breakdown.
1. He doesn't like guns
2. His stores across the country have abided by whatever the local law is regarding OC/CC.
3. His stores were unfortunately chosen by one or both sides as a place to voice their opinions.
4. When he could have placed legally binding "no guns" signs on his stores wherever this applies, he chose not to, but made a "request" so as to appease the grabbers, but not step too harshly on the toes of the gun rights people (purely business decision IMHO)
5. Their coffee sucked just as much on the day after his request as the day before.
6. I would take coffee intravenously if possible, and if I was in dire need and there were no other options, I would not factor his request into whether or not I bought a cup, neither would I disarm before entering.