Lots of @@lr at WallyWorld
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Thread: Lots of @@lr at WallyWorld

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    Lots of @@lr at WallyWorld

    Lots of 22lr at my local Walmart tonight.
    Several Cases of 50 round and several cases of 100 round.
    I bought my 3 box limit.
    Hope those of you seeking are finding.
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    I haven't had any problem finding 22lr & 9mm target ammo lately. Walmart & Bass Pro continue to limit to 3 boxes/day.

  4. A Wal-Mart a little way from my home had over fifty of these 100 round 9mm containers. I say containers instead of boxes, because they were like little plastic cans, and the ammo was from Bosnia. That didn't stop me from buying 3 myself. No .22 lately by me.

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    Lots of @@lr at WallyWorld

    I can find .22 but its still more expensive than I'm willing to pay. Not much near me in WA but when I was in Idaho a few weeks ago, the Sportsman's Warehouse had several 525rd federal mega packs but they wanted like $57 for em. They usually run about $35 near me so I'm willing to wait. I shoot higher calibers that I can reload more often anyways.

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    At Fleet Farm in Iowa I have been picking up .22's CCI 100 packs $6.29 and the 525 packs for $23.99 just this past week. Good prices on 9mm and 40s&w also, some times you have to be there at the right time but the shelves are stocked a lot of the times I'm in the store.

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