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    Reading another thread on break-ins and the need for homeowners to be armed got me thinking about a conversation I had with a shooting buddy recently.

    My first line of defense is my 85lb Shepherd mix. Bear is one of the most intelligent and loving animals we have ever had, however, this boy does not like people coming near his home and he lets you know about it.

    I am surprised at the number of people that I know that are avid shooters, and CWL holders that are like minded, but do not have a good watchdog.

    I can rest assured that there will never be a BG standing over me in my bedroom. I will have been alerted way before anything like this could ever happen.

    Any thoughts?
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    unfortunately I am living in a place now where I can't have a dog.. I love dogs. they can be your best friend. and like you said having one is also an advantage in that it's better than an alarm! not to mention that many bad guys will not come in a home where they hear the bark and growl of a big dog. as soon as I get in a position where I can, I WILL be getting another dog.
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    I agree that a well-trained dog is the first line of defense against a home invasion. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and can't have pets. However, as soon as I become a home owner, I will get a dog for this very reason.

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    Dogs are awesome for being alerted when people come to the house. I have 4 dogs (all very small but make plenty of noise) day I'll get a real dog but intil then these work just fine.

    Its like in the movie National Treasure 2 when Riley disarms the house alarm in 26 seconds, he turns to Ben and says "Thats why I tell people to get a dog"
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    I have a 9 pound mutt that sleeps on the love seat. She sleeps so sound an intruder might be able to carry the love seat off with out wakeing her.
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    I agree with a dog being a good thing in part of the home defense equation. They are much more infallible than an electronic system. However if you can't take proper care of the dog you shouldn't have one.
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    We had a great Doberman well trained love us and us him.He let our geese do the watch dog thing for him.Dogs are great but some insurance companys will not cover you if you have one of the deadly dreads.

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    Same with Rotties I believe. Its sad because with the proper owner, love and training any dog can be a good dog. Not all dogs of a certain breed are bad.
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    I love my dogs and have three a boxer, boder collie mix and a lab mix. The lab mix will deffinatly let you know some thing is up. he to is a very loving dog but don't walk up the driveway and try to go through the back yard if you don't know him YIPE!!LOL The bordercollie is does better when she is inside at letting my wife and I know some one is to close to the house. The boxer on the other hand isn't much of a barker at all so when she does go nuts I tend to reach for my glock and check to make sure all is well in the house and look out the windows.My next one i would like to get would be a Dobie or german shepered and get a freind of mine who trains k-9 for the military and teach myself and the dogs some cool tricks.

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    I have a 90-lb. wolf hybrid is our firts line of defense. He stays outside, and he gives early warning when someone turns up our driveway. He howls a time or two when a friend is approaching, and barks when a stranger turns up the drive.

    As for defending us, well.... I hope I never have occasion to see him attack anyone; he would simply kill.

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