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This girl reminds me of our daughter. She was in the Marine Corps, and one day, they went to the range for familiarization with the 1911 Colt .45 ACP pistol. The range instructor asked for a volunteer and our daughter stepped up. He asked her if she had ever fired this weapon and she responded, "No, sir." He told her when he gave her the signal to run to the bench, load the magazine in the pistol, empty it at the target, make it safe and return it to the bench and return to him. When he gave the signal, she did everything just right, and returned much faster than the instructor thought she would. He said, "I thought you said you never fired this pistol." to which she replied, "I have never fired THIS pistol, but my dad has one just like that he taught me to use." "As you were," was his response.
How old is she?