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Thread: I did it -- I did it -- I did it!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristiAnne Elkins View Post
    I love it!! I never held a gun before, not even the kids air soft guns, so I was pretty excited. When you add in there my wrist weakness (I have carpal tunnel) and I have a problem with my balance so I have to adjust my stance.

    Even so, I think I did pretty good[/URL]
    I think you did great! I know you want to get better (we all do, that's part of the fun of it) but don't take any random advice from internet wizards that think they can make you better! If you are dealing with physical issues that affect your shooting, find an instructor you trust, or even ask the range personnel if they have any advice. They are around shooters all day, and you can at least try their advice after they WATCH you shoot a few rounds.

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    that's great, girl! :-) Let me look for some inspirational video for you. I'll post it here ASAP.

  4. Congratulations. You have taken a huge step for yourself. I remember when I made it through the process and decided that I had the responsibility to myself and those around me to be prepared to defend myself. I am glad you have joined the ranks...Thank you. You have a new and exciting sport to share with those around you. As for going further, I have a plug for pistol-training.com/drills they have a number of excellent drills to work on to be proficient with your new firearm. You have taken a very important first step, and now have a life in front of you to hone the skills needed to be safe and proficient. I strongly suggest if possible to take some multi-day training classes from a training coach. Professional athletes have coaches - even though they are quite literally at the top of their respective games. There is always room to be taught something. There are good techniques for basic skills for shooters who have physical hindrances (like carpal tunnel) that will make your experience even more enjoyable. Remain humble and open to learning. Practice then what you have been trained to do. Congratulations.

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    ezkl2230 Guest
    Way to go! I'm trying to get my wife to get her CPL and begin carrying.

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    These "Old Chicks" make me proud. Keep at it, lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thru View Post
    that would be all it would take to get me to leave CT, for certain. Sheesh. I don't see how the ranges stay in biz.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

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    Excellent keep practicing and carrying.

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    Thanks all!!! I am itching to go again to the range. The spouse says to me last night "let's go to the Home Show next week." I said "Eh." He said "why, what do you want to do?"

    "Uhhhh...go to the range!!"

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    Ranges are fun and exciting but also time consuming and expensive. At work when working with trainees that range from novice to very experience shooters we always say shooting real bullets is a validation of your dry practice training. I always have shooters do tons of dry training. I would recommend the same for you, but you must be intentional about this or you can have a negligent discharge.

    #1. Make sure your gun and all magazines used for training are unloaded. Double and triple check this. At work we use buddy checks as well, not a bad idea for home use either.
    #2. Designate a training area in your home and make sure that is is completely free from ammunition.
    #3. If you get interrupted or take a break in training for any reason, before you start again, go back to checking guns and magazines to be sure they are unloaded.
    #4. When you are done training, you're done. Reload the gun and resist all urges to get that one last drill in. There are stories abound of people reloading and then thinking that one more iteration of a drill will get them past their training block. This is the perfect setup for an ND.
    #5. Practice 2-3 times per week. Everything you should do should be about being efficient, effective and capable of duplicating the action under stress.

    Here's a link for more information: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/ccm...-dry-practice/
    Steady gun, sight reference, trigger control.

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    I truly believe that gun confiscation is the main goal. I can't believe though can't even go to a range just to practice....if you are be and unfamiliar with firearms...how do you expect to learn if thou want to use than it not....it's like if the Gobmint taxed nails at 300% because they didn't like hammers. One day these local it state governments might just push too hard..... they used to TAR AND FEATHER corrupt politicians... not a bad idea to revive that.

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