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    Gotta love the Blaze


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    This was on the radio show as one of Glenn's "feel good" stories of the week. Unfortunately, many of the Blaze stories are anything but. Many of his stories, even though very accurate, are really quite depressing. It's good to be informed but sometimes I reach a saturation level on the bad news. But at least knowing what is likely to hit us makes preparation and survival better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post

    And, a 9mm beats a .45. All depends on training and ability, not the size of your bullet
    A 9mm may expand, but a .45 never shrinks regardless of training and ability.
    ~ HEAVEN Has A Wall And A Strict Immigration Policy - HELL Has Open Borders ~

  5. Somebody bet his gun would protect him from an arrest. Sounds like it did, and he's dead for his error in judgement. There is a Darwin Award nominee!

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    Don't be to happy. The shooter is going to be charged. The thief ran from the shooter truck back to the stolen car him and his girlfriend was in to drive away. When the Vet shooter fired shoots into the cars engine block and caused the car to quit running. The thief jumped out and then returned fire. So being that the Vet fired the first shot the thief was within the law to pull his gun and fire back at the Vet who started shooting. After hearing the news and reading the paper I believe the Vet jumped the gun and should have just called the police.

    So the police and DA are still trying to figure out what exactly happened stating that if the thief was trying to steal the truck the Vet would be ok using deadly force because that would be allowed to stop a felony in progress from happening but if the thief was only stealing the radio that is a misdemeanor and use of deadly force is not justified.

    Link to quote below -->Could former Marine face charges for fatally shooting suspected thief? | Q13 FOX News


    Could former Marine face charges for fatally shooting suspected thief?
    See bio, contact info, and more articles from Dana Rebik 1 day ago
    by Dana Rebik
    Q13 FOX News reporter
    Comments (4)
    MAPLE VALLEY– In a quiet Maple Valley cul-de-sac in the middle of the night, Kristen Hague found herself in a life and death situation.

    “If Keenan wouldn’t have shoved me out of the way, the guy would have shot and got me,” Hague said.

    Shortly after midnight Tuesday, in the 21800 block of SE 236th Place, Kristen’s nephew Keenan spotted a stranger sitting in the cab of his truck and confronted him.

    The 24-year-old former Marine told police he first ordered the man to get on the ground, but when the suspect ran to a getaway car, he fired at that vehicle. He said that’s when the suspect raised a gun, so Keenan fired, killing him.

    “The guy just jumped out of the car ready to shoot,” Hague said in defense of her nephew. “The police say there is another gun and multiple rounds from a different gun.”

    King County sheriff’s detectives are conducting an investigation into the shooting to determine if they should recommend that the county prosecutor file charges against the former Marine.

    So were the fatal shots justified?

    “That’s the million-dollar question,” attorney Jennifer Cannon-Unione said.

    In Washington state, there’s a “no duty to retreat law.”

    “What the law essentially says is that if you have a reasonable belief that you’re about to be attacked, then you have a right to stand your ground and fight force with force,” Cannon-Unione said.

    Cannon-Unione added that it’s possible the Iraq war veteran could be charged if prosecutors find the man he shot wasn’t trying to steal the truck, but only looking to take some of his belongings.

    “If someone breaks in to steal a radio, that’s a misdemeanor, not a felony. So there would be a question on whether or not the force used, if it caused homicide, was justifiable in that particular circumstance,” Cannon-Unione said.

    Hague said she has no doubt in her mind that her nephew’s actions saved their lives.

    “I definitely see my life was in danger, my nephew’s life was in danger, and he did the right thing,” the man’s aunt said.

    Deputies say the Honda Civic the suspect’s girlfriend was in at the scene was stolen. She was arrested and also had an outstanding burglary warrant.

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    Gotta love the Blaze

    ^ That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. "The thief was within the law to pull his gun and fire back." Even if the shooter is charged because he fired at the thief's getaway car, it is still a crime to even posses a weapon while committing a felony, and even if he was "just stealing the radio", he was still in possession of another stolen vehicle which is a felony. Suggesting that a criminal is within the law to shoot at you while committing a crime on your property is the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

  8. Must be a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe that they are trying to charge this fellow when he was trying to protect his aunt and himself.

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